Friday, July 1, 2011

HP launches Tablet TouchPad with its own operating system

HP has launched its tablet U.S. equipped TouchPad WebO2 operating system, resulting from the purchase last year of Palm. An operating system that you plan to use in other devices manufacturer and license to third parties. In Spain "will come along this year," the company said. The tablet features multi-touch screen 9.7-inch capacitive keyboard.

Unlike the iPhone is compatible with Flash. For now, the app store offers about 300 degrees but can go to the applications for the mobile WebOS with a catalog of 7,000 titles. Equipped with a dual-core processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm, weighs 726 grams, 20% more than the iPhone though its battery which provides longer life.

With front camera, no rear. One of the new interface is to leave the windows icons for easy to organize and administer and really accept multitasking. Thanks to the internal engine Just Type, searchable content. TouchPad also includes a set of communication programs with HP technology webOS Synergy, allowing the user to stay connected by getting simplify all your communications.

It is designed for easy access to social networks and takes advantage of manufacturer's knowledge in the field of printing for remote and wireless systems provide the same. The starting price is 499 TouchPad and $ 599 for the two models available from 16 and 32 GB respectively, both single Wi-F.

TouchPad does present a microUSB connector input and speakers for stereo sound. The reception of analysts in the United States has been without enthusiasm. David Pogue, for example, highlights the beauty, consistency and flow chart of the operating system, but lacks, say, maturity and other tablets on the market.

HP is late to market, but "there are signs of greatness" that aconejan expected future developments, he said. Mossberg believes that despite its attractive and different interface can not yet compete with products such as iPad. The shortage of applications and the poverty of the battery are some criticisms made by the commentator for The Wall Street Journal, but concludes that, despite some problems, it is a pleasure to use.

In the end, makes the inevitable comparison with iPhone 2 and says he can not recommend the HP tablet above the Apple. ArsTechnica considered the second best after the Apple tablet.

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