Thursday, August 11, 2011

Patent war: Apple also wants to stop Motorola Xoom

In the fight to Apple Tablet Patents can not give up: After Samsung has already successfully thwarted, will now also the Motorola flat computer sales are prohibited. Despite the controversy Apple Samsung asks for help in tablet production. Cologne - The patent war is the major electronics companies in the next round.

Just let Apple and its competitors the same time prohibiting suppliers Samsung injunction by selling the flat computer Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most EU countries. Now grab the lawyers of the iPad manufacturer Motorola on the Tablet PC because of Xoom. In the Düsseldorf Regional Court on 4 August application filed against Samsung found a passage which shows that apart from the Korean manufacturer also provides a process was initiated against the American company.

Twitter opens to further resources on the network activity

New features, more content. With this title, Twitter announced on its blog two developments in the social network interface. "Today we are launching two new features in Twitter. Com to help you find more interesting content on Twitter. Now you can see when someone dials your favorites or make a Retweet your Tweets.

You will also know which are the most interesting Tweets for people you follow. " This new feature lets you know what's going on in Twitter easily in relation to the interests of Internet users. Just click on the tab @ user (replace @ mentions), and you can know which of the tweets of the Internet have been marked as Favorites, forwarding their own tweets, those directed to the member of the network and new fans.

FTC investigates also on Android

The investigation by U.S. authorities responsible for competition (FTC) about a possible abuse of dominant position of Google, announced in June, focuses on the operating system Android and mobile search engine, revealed the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, August 10. Members of the FTC "focus their investigation on Google on the key sectors of its business, including the operating system for mobile devices Android and its search engine on the Internet," the business daily in its electronic edition, citing Sources familiar with the matter.

California asks Facebook to delete accounts of detainees

The California Department of Corrections announced on Monday that it would seek to Facebook deleting active accounts on behalf of prisoners. "Access to social networks allows inmates to circumvent our system of monitoring and prosecuting criminal activity," said the head of the administration, Matthew Cate, said in a statement.

"This new cooperation between law enforcement and Facebook will better protect citizens and prevent further crimes." In support of its decision, the administration cites the example of a news item that occurred last year, an inmate had sent from his cellulle portraits drawn to a teenager he had attacked seven years earlier.