Thursday, August 11, 2011

Patent war: Apple also wants to stop Motorola Xoom

In the fight to Apple Tablet Patents can not give up: After Samsung has already successfully thwarted, will now also the Motorola flat computer sales are prohibited. Despite the controversy Apple Samsung asks for help in tablet production. Cologne - The patent war is the major electronics companies in the next round.

Just let Apple and its competitors the same time prohibiting suppliers Samsung injunction by selling the flat computer Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most EU countries. Now grab the lawyers of the iPad manufacturer Motorola on the Tablet PC because of Xoom. In the Düsseldorf Regional Court on 4 August application filed against Samsung found a passage which shows that apart from the Korean manufacturer also provides a process was initiated against the American company.

It's Android-Tablet Xoom stand in focus, because the design of the Apple iPad even be too similar. In addition, we have already obtained an injunction against the distributor Jay-Tech GmbH, "which had also copied the iPad". Florian Mueller lawyer quoted from the court records: The injunction was upheld after a hearing in its entirety.

What had equipment at Apple tech Jay complained specifically, in the letter does not reveal. Previously the company had, among other things cheap Windows-based tablets and above all, extremely cheap Android-Tablets in the price range around 100 € on offer. Through the preliminary injunction is Jay-tech sales of similar iPad tablet now prohibited throughout the EU.

Unlike the case of Samsung's computer platform Galaxy Tab legal offensive against Motorola comes late. In Germany, the Xoom been available since the spring. It is nevertheless likely that Apple also wants to achieve a pan-European sales stop. The timely initiation of appropriate legal battle Motorola could actually spoil the holiday shopping season.

How bizarre the conflicts in the dispute over patents and design are similar iPad tablet, simultaneously illustrates a message from the technology blog Boy Genius Report. According to the Apple has problems because the supplier can not deliver a sufficient number of LG-2 iPad displays to meet demand.

Now Samsung is supposed to step in - and Apple to help out with millions of screens. meuu

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