Thursday, August 11, 2011

FTC investigates also on Android

The investigation by U.S. authorities responsible for competition (FTC) about a possible abuse of dominant position of Google, announced in June, focuses on the operating system Android and mobile search engine, revealed the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, August 10. Members of the FTC "focus their investigation on Google on the key sectors of its business, including the operating system for mobile devices Android and its search engine on the Internet," the business daily in its electronic edition, citing Sources familiar with the matter.

Counsel for the Competition Authority "are wondering if Google does not prevent mobile phone manufacturers that use Android (...) to use competitors," the Wall Street Journal. They also seek to know if "Google does not give investment preferences to its own products on its website," the newspaper said.

Google is already the subject of a similar survey of European competition authorities since November. France in October, Google had escaped conviction for abuse of dominant position by the Competition Authority, which, however, promised to keep the group under surveillance after he assured will "make it more transparent and predictable for advertisers operation (the advertising) AdWords."

The newspaper said the FTC also wondered if the Internet giant "does not unduly information collected by rivals, such as comments on local businesses, for use on its own dedicated website." The executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, must participate in a September hearing before the U.S. Senate on competition on the Internet.

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