Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twitter opens to further resources on the network activity

New features, more content. With this title, Twitter announced on its blog two developments in the social network interface. "Today we are launching two new features in Twitter. Com to help you find more interesting content on Twitter. Now you can see when someone dials your favorites or make a Retweet your Tweets.

You will also know which are the most interesting Tweets for people you follow. " This new feature lets you know what's going on in Twitter easily in relation to the interests of Internet users. Just click on the tab @ user (replace @ mentions), and you can know which of the tweets of the Internet have been marked as Favorites, forwarding their own tweets, those directed to the member of the network and new fans.

Another new feature is the Activity tab. Here you will find most relevant. All designed to make it easier to navigate the network has become an information platform which generate a huge amount of data that can be difficult to locate. This development adds to the previously announced share photographs in a simple way through a window that appears.

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