Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toshiba laptop monitor

The Japanese company technology products developer Toshiba has introduced a revolutionary new portable monitor when it calls Mobile LCD. This new device from Toshiba is a fourteen-inch LCD monitor that achieves a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, 222 nits brightness, 400:1 contrast ratio and response time of just 16 milliseconds.

The monitor has a USB interface that will allow us to connect to all types of notebooks or netboos without plugging in the power line because it uses power from the USB port. The device can be really useful for those working with laptop outside the home and also have the need for multiple applications simultaneously.

Play and Xperia Xperia Arc Movistar

The telecom giant of Spain has reached an agreement with Sony Ericsson to market the highly anticipated Xperia range models, both as the Xperia Xperia Play Arc will be available exclusively on Movistar. Movistar has confirmed that both phones will be available in its catalog from April 1, and as usual, be able to purchase subsidized at different costs depending on the plan by which we choose.

Asus has a tablet and laptop at the same time

The new Asus Eee Trasformers Pad is a tablet-art technology with a truly versatile design offers notebook functions. The main feature of the Asus Eee Trasformers Pad is a removable platform will give our gadget of convenience that laptops have when working with text documents or other similar files, also useful to chat, schedule and even improving navigation interface.

Among the technical features of the Asus Eee market New Pad Trasformers find nVidia Tegra 2 processor dual core, its 10.1-inch touch screen, two USB ports, and microSD memory reader Android 3.0. The Asus Eee Pad Trasformers be filed in Taiwan on Friday and hit the market at a cost ranging between 399 and $ 699 depending on storage capacity.

LG Wireless Charging Pad, other than that it points to the wireless recharging

Italian ruling against Yahoo "Just links to sites with pirated movies"

For the first time the judiciary has established the principle of responsibility of search engines but not in contrast to online piracy. The Ninth Section of the Court of Rome "Yahoo! to inhibit the continuation and repetition of the violation of rights of economic exploitation of the film 'About Elly' by connecting via eponymous search engine sites which reproduce in whole or in part 'work, other than the film's official website.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Play is going to Movistar

Start the distribution of the star models for the 2011 between the Spanish companies. Two of the models that we want to have in their hands, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Xperia Arc and Play, and have secured a destination: Movistar. The Spanish operator has announced that effective April 1 and was able to get them both terminals.

And how will the price? Well, as usual with subsidies, depending on what we commit to pay each month (according to our consumption), so we leave the phone. For example, a planazo of 30 euros per month, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc we would for a new high of EUR 30. Also available as a redemption of points.

Baidu aims to create an operating system for mobile

The group of Chinese search engine Baidu would work on developing its own operating system for mobile devices, according to a Financial Times article, dated Tuesday, March 22. Robin Li, Baidu's CEO, discusses the creation of a "search box" ("search box") that makes the search functions directly available after a quick start of the unit.

"Currently, when you turn an iPhone, 45 seconds are needed before we can make anything," says Mr. Li. BAIDUDOMINE RESEARCH IN CHINA With this initiative, Baidu takes up the strategy of the leader of the research on the Web, Google, who designed the system for Android smartphones. But the concept is also similar to another Google project, Chrome OS, which aims to evolve the web browser operating system.

Samsung slims your pills

Two days before the launch of its highest competitor, the iPad, outside the United States, Samsung has shown a new version of its tablet in Florida. Galaxy is a 8.9-inch Tab. During Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona and the renewal of the current Galaxy Tab. This is a 10-inch device that stands out for Google's operating system for tablets, Android Honeycomb, and recording video to 1080 pixels, which none of the pills have been achieved so far.

Crysis DirectX 11 is not reality

Crysis one of the most anticipated games of the year arrived on the shelves without DirectX 11, as we announced in an earlier news (A patch for the DirecX 11 on Crysis 2?) Where it was announced support via a patch. Although it is very irritating to the PC owners certainly Crytec had to leave the game in DirectX 9 because it must take account of the console, which limit development.

In any case, will be released a patch that will fully support DirectX 11 with a consequent increase in graphics quality. The patches do not know when it is released, but given the release date in Europe is March 25 you may be the same as the date for the release of the patch, but nothing is for sure it may take even months before to see her.

A portable tablet with soul

Neither laptop or tablet. The W500 Tab Iconia Acer is the two things at once. For $ 499 tablet is purchased. For 100 more if all or 150 if purchased later when it becomes a portable midrange touch thanks to a keyboard that fits with the tablet. The computer runs Windows 7 touch and promises a range of 6 hours, a rather high considering that it is a processor made by AMD and another dedicated for graphics, a Radeon, the most appreciated by lovers of video games.

Digital Library: U.S. judge stops Google's book deal

It's about millions of books, Google will provide free on the Web - it has the Internet giant now suffered a setback: A U.S. judge conceded the agreement that had previously taken the group with publishers.  The dispute about the digitization and distribution of books on the Web suffered Google a legal defeat: A judge in New York dismissed on Tuesday returned an agreement between the Internet company on the one hand, publishers and authors on the other side as distorting competition.

HTC EVO boasts 3D U.S. 3D screen

HTC seems to be taking it easy the renewal of their phones more powerful. At least not put all eggs in one basket of entry. However, the 3D HTCEVO has been submitted to the U.S. market does make what the company will bring this 2011. This 3D stresses HTCEVO mainly its 3D display, but that should not obscure the other features that put this terminal to customize Android HTC Sense 2.3 and 4.0 on the cusp of new generation terminals.

Meloni rejected in video games

We must be careful when exploring unfamiliar territory. Video games, for example, mangiacervello unnecessary for some, pure art for others, the endless throng of fans and now many titles are the most profitable films in Hollywood. If you enter this area, you have to go with feet of lead: the users are numerous, aggressive and very, very demanding.

Did they regret the Minister Giorgia Meloni, who for the 150th unit of Italy, had a better idea: make a video game - free-distributed with the exploits of Mazzini, Garibaldi, Pisacane and young people who gave their lives for their country . Rebel Youth is the title of "Shooter," which "celebrates the heroism" and "tells the story of the youth of today with their language." "The game can become an effective medium for transmitting values, knowledge, identity," added the minister to the presentation.

Tablet, Acer is also in the "Windows and Android anti-iPad"

LONDON - The first generation of tablet was unveiled and is dominated by Apple with its iPad: With the arrival of the second generation, however, Apple's rivals say they want and try to counter the overwhelming power of Cupertino: Samsung, who reviewed The line Galaxy Tab, Motorola with its Xoom, Rim with the playbook, Hp with TouchPad and now Acer.

Just the manufacturer in Taiwan, a few days of arrival in Italy of the second iPad, presented its new line of Icon Tab, the devices with which the second largest producer of PCs in the world will try to get space in the increasingly crowded field of "tablet computer", flooded all major manufacturers of computer and smartphone.

Keep the energy saving range arrives in Spain

Belkin could not pick a better time to present its new range of energy efficiency in these turbulent days where everyone talks about it. And is that little things can do much good not only to our pocket. Keep the range we met last year reestrtuctura ahead of their launch in Spain. We continue to monitor consumption control, intelligent recharge base of our gadgets and a surge protector with automatic shutoff.

Apple removed the app is taking a step back "cure-gay"

ROME - Submerged by the protests and accused of homophobia, Apple is taking a step back. The application of "care-gay" Christian organization Exodus International, which aims to "free from homosexuality through the power of Jesus", hosted on iTunes until yesterday, has disappeared. There is still no official announcement on the withdrawal from the store online, but in fact the application is no longer available and the house of Cupertino it seems you beat hasty retreat after the controversy of recent days.

Radioblogclub's conviction upheld on appeal

The Court of Appeal of Paris has largely confirmed Tuesday the conviction of those responsible site RadioBlog music on demand for broadcasting without a license titles protected by copyright. On 3 September 2009, the Paris Criminal Court had sentenced the founder of the site, Tersiguel Benedict, and his father, Jean-Louis, one year suspended sentence and 10,000 euro fine and ordered to pay more one million euros in damages to record producers.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis (III): NVidia benchmarks

As we discussed after talking to some general tests, we started the analysis of Mountain GTM 2000 with NVidia graphics. We tested the three current models of the Nvidia 500 Series with four types of tests: Crysis: Warhead, Call of Duty: Black Ops, 3DMark 11 and Furmark. The reason for these tests is so you can see the difference between each of the graphics card within a computer.

This is an interesting comparison to find out about the best offered by each model. Also do the same with AMD models, but that's over the next two days. You can clearly see the growth for each new model. Our Mountain GTM 2000 in the basic configuration includes an NVidia GTX 570, a model very powerful in itself.

Apple withdraws an application homophobic

Google Books :The agreement is "not reasonable"

IPad syndrome: Motorola to fall into the trap with Xoom

When the original iPhone was released, Apple was ahead of a new world to discover. And he did pretty well. Applications and operating systems for mobile have not been the same since. With the IPAD, everything was different. They were practically the who started it all and only last year with his highly meritorious Samsung Galaxy Tab stood him up.

This year, the tablet version of Android now ready to start running, the month of February marked the coming-of most well-endowed rivals. But a lot of fear (mixed with respect) should have the manufacturers in the world of Apple tablet, because the recent moves make it clear that they are rather the expectation in some cases.

Chumby 8, the new model a useful toy for the home

Chumby 8 is the name of the development of Chumby, a device that could be called between digital picture frame and toy. Already discussed the first draft about three years ago because this device has a fairly long life despite being relatively unknown in Spain. The new Chumby 8 is the essence of the first model, but varies the design (it now seems a far more serious and less toy) and technical specifications.

Free ordered to stop the "illegal practices"

The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris, seized by the UFC-Que Choisir on Tuesday ordered the company Free to "stop a number of illegal practices" and to delete certain clauses considered "unreasonable" terms and conditions of sale its offer triple play (Internet, telephone, television) of its tariff and brochure on its website.

Judgement calls include Free to bring it into conformity its "modalities of perception delayed activation", a "semantic loophole [implement termination fees] and that the court has recognized as such," Nicolas J. Godfrey, lawyer UFC-Que Choisir quoted by Agence France-Presse. While claiming not to charge termination fees to its subscribers who leave the service, Free asks its customers to pay "costs of collection deferred activation", that is to say that the customer has to pay Opening line at the time of termination.

And the e-mail lost the dash next victim: "Internet"

ROME - If you had a doubt, now no longer have the "Email", e-mail, you write like that, without a hyphen. No more "E-mail" or "e-mail, but a new word, coined by the update of the Associated Press Style Book, a manual with written guidelines that reporters interiors are bound to respect. If there were a similar one in Italy, we know once and for all whether to write "center-left" or "center", but this is a political issue on which they are divided, perhaps in vain, the experts.

Proposed Dolby 3D glasses in theaters improved and cheaper

Dolby has started the spring-summer in the world of 3D glasses with a new model that is not traumatic for those who have to wear glasses to watch 3D movies at home or the corner. The new model supports the Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system, and its mission will focus on the cinemas, which may be purchased for just $ 12 a unit, we'll see if it translates into an extra minor for Entries 3D sessions, a drain euros at present.

U.S.: Google and Sprint Join Forces to mobile

The Mountain View company Google announced Tuesday, March 22, an alliance with the third mobile operator in the United States. Sprint and its customers will benefit from Google Voice telephony system via the Internet, allowing in particular for calls made on a phone number to ring simultaneously on multiple lines, home, office or laptop, and even be available on Gmail from Google.

The U.S. group also announced the release of a new version of its "Google phone", the Nexus S, specially adapted for very high speed networks (4G) of Sprint. The alliance comes just after the number two mobile phone in the U.S., AT & T announced the purchase of T-Mobile for $ 39 billion (27 billion euros).

iPhone 5, it is logical to arrive this year

With the IPAD 2 ready to go on stage and taking into account that this new model is a response to news of other brands, it seems logical and sensible to think that Apple could do more of the same with your mobile phone. So says China Times, which says that future iPhone would be 5 and a trial production ahead of a launch later this year.

It speaks of the fourth quarter. The update of the iPhone in its fifth version would respond to similar circumstances to those which existed at the original update to the new iPad iPad 2. For the iPhone 5 first of all is the size of the screen. Advantaged rivals and far exceed four inches, and Apple must respond to that concern.

With the router under his arm: a new ASUS WL-330N3G

When you are traveling a long time or are away from home, any help is welcome, and forget an Ethernet cable can make the difference between being able to work or have nightmares for not successfully completed the suitcase. The new ASUS WL-330N3G is like a "Swiss army knife of connectivity." The ASUS Wireless Router provides connectivity with a functionality of six in-one wireless router (802.11n), universal repeater, access point, Ethernet adapter and a WiFi hotspot generator from our 3G USB modem, for what has a USB port in which to place our "skewer." All these features are packaged in a fairly small size (90.0 × 38.9 × 12.8 mm) and is given a configuration system that promises to be a headache but something more intuitive.

Bose VideoWave, the TV world sounds better

Yesterday we moved up to the Bose office in Madrid to try to scoop the Bose VideoWave. The company created by the eccentric but brilliant Dr. Amir Bose (now professor at MIT) first leaves the terrain where best moves, audio systems, to create their first television. The results of this debut are mixed.

As television, powerful and imaginative performance mixed with gaps unannounced product the iron discipline of the company in integrating technologies that they consider only fully ripe at the market level. One thing I can anticipate is that this is without a doubt, the TV that sounds best in the world itself.

Vodafone will retain the original 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab

We left behind the days of the filing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, and the unexpected renewal of the 10.1-inch model. It has generated an interesting debate about new products, with the iPad 2 many times as an actor, but the truth is that we have forgotten in Europe. At Mobile World Congress announced that Vodafone would be the operator there would be initially with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but no one has asked whether the model they are going to have it renewed, or the originally submitted.