Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Samsung slims your pills

Two days before the launch of its highest competitor, the iPad, outside the United States, Samsung has shown a new version of its tablet in Florida. Galaxy is a 8.9-inch Tab. During Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona and the renewal of the current Galaxy Tab. This is a 10-inch device that stands out for Google's operating system for tablets, Android Honeycomb, and recording video to 1080 pixels, which none of the pills have been achieved so far.

No release date yet despite boasting 470 and 589, depending on screen size, compared to 610 the iPad 2 and a thickness of 8, 6mm, somewhat lower than the 8.8 the new Apple device. Both have a dual core processor and upload Flash, one of the shortcomings of the device promoted by Steve Jobs.

It is not known price or release date. Samsung's bet on Android demonstrated not only the creation of the Nexus S, which debuted version 2.3 operating system, but will also be an alternative remote control for televisions Samsung. During a meeting with reporters in Madrid have presented how the SmartTV that already incorporate the range televisions 7000 and 8000 the price of which starts in 1599 and 1699 euros respectively.

In addition to Wi-Fi connection and view 3D active glasses, ie batteries, but something more streamlined than earlier models, it can handle any Android phone has been down the application. So, you can search the Internet on the device, publish and share on social networks or comment in real time play a game of football.

The software included in the display includes video games and direct access to news content. Another innovation is the use of SmartTV makes wifi with the devices of the firm. It allows, for example, see TV content on the tablet Galaxy Tab but apparently this off. It gives that feeling, but it only gives off the screen while the selected content in the tablet.

Perfect if you want to finish watching a movie in bed. The previous TV company that does not have this innovation may use if you purchase a home theater or a next-generation Blu Ray.

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