Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HP TouchPad arrive in June

An interesting rumor has spread through the network this morning, and at this time much take for granted, the new HP TouchPad could reach the market next June. The eagerly awaited HP tablet is on the verge of entering the market, but the rumor is not just about its release date, the price of HP TouchPad could be lower than some expected.

We have already tired of discussing the good looks that have WebOS is unique operating system HP has developed for their mobile devices, but no doubt we can deter these questions very soon. The new HP TouchPad with 10 "display in June would cost $ 499 with 16 GB of memory or $ 599 32GB version.

Iomega Prestige, new and affordable desktop hard drives with USB 3.0

Iomega has revamped its line of desktop hard drives with the series Prestige Desktop Hard Drive 3.0, as evidence has USB 3.0 connection in its main claim (in the same line as the pocket which we discussed). This device with a sleek black finish but which is carrying out its metal construction to be rugged and robust.

In addition to the aforementioned main feature with the new interface 3.0 (up to 5 Gbits / s, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0), the pack includes Iomega Protection Suite software with antivirus and backup software, as well AES hardware encryption to 256 bits. This renewed Iomega Prestige Series presents itself as an affordable, with prices restrained available in three capacities: 1 TB (89,90 euros), 2 TB (129.90 euros) and 3 TB (209.90 euros).

Philips HomeRun, a vacuum cleaner that does it all for you

Automated vacuum cleaners are not new but we can still say that it is an artifact that we see every day, Philips seems hard pointing to the new system and has launched a new model. The Philips HomeRun is a compact vacuum cleaner that allows us to clear an area of \u200b\u200b40 square meters in just one hour but without a doubt the most curious fact is its ability to "jump." The new HomeRun has a function to vacuum carpets and rugs which allows travel on fiber surfaces up to two inches high, plus you can skip this technology cables or other obstacles up to a half inch.

HTC Pyramid, Prime and Ignite; new phones?

What we see here, a couple of Windows workstations Phone 7, and another Android, all signed by HTC. We can not say with absolute certainty that these recreations are real, but they have all the earmarks that they are, it achieved the same, and that some of the phones we are waiting. If confirmed its authenticity can report that the Taiwanese company is betting big on the Microsoft operating system with a model with a QWERTY keyboard, the HTC Prime, and another touchscreen, the HTC Ignite.

EvoMouse, motion sense technology at your fingertips

In recent years, the Motion Sense technology has been incorporated into our lives to the point that more and more devices will implement, the boom that clearly began with video game consoles now moves to the computer in general. The American Institute of technological development has introduced the EvoMouse Celluon, a peripheral device that allows us to control our computer using gestures and movement.

Sapphire HD 6950 FleX Edition

Sapphire is working on the new Sapphire HD 6950 FleX Edition, the card is designed on the Sapphire and classic design features a custom cooling system from a 80 mm fan. The PCB is taken from the classic blue Sapphire, is mounted on a 40-nanometer GPU Cayman with 1408 stream processors with 256-bit bus connected to 2 GB of memory, the card can connect up to 3 monitor setup Eyefinity, In fact, the card has 5 possible connections divided into two DVI ports (one single-link), two mini-DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4a.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1: Update not quite painless

It seems that the full-bodied Service Pack 1 update for Windows 7 released by Microsoft, was not entirely painless, in fact has caused many problems for many users who have found themselves with a PC that does not start or were in Fatal Error during installation thereof, without any reason. Many users have found the error 0x800F0A12 who have been able to solve thanks to a procedure explained on the Microsoft TechNet blog.

A U.S. regulator warns against scams to "actions Facebook"

FINRA, a U.S. financial regulators, warned, Tuesday, March 15, against scams offering investors access to an alleged actions of companies like Facebook, even before their IPO. "Building on investor demand for unlisted securities of companies known scammers behind these scams run the public by distributing the alleged actions of these companies," said FINRA in a statement.

An unlisted company may sell its own shares, unlicensed, in private transactions, but these investments "may have significant risks and are typically open to a select group of investors that meet a certain income level or asset, "says FINRA. PROJECT "POTENTIALLY FRAUDULENT" In the period preceding an IPO, most pre-offers are legitimate but some are frauds, and FINRA was recently informed of projects "potentially fraudulent" sale of shares on Facebook.

The e-books are arguing libraries and publishers

Electronic books are becoming increasingly popular. It 's rare to get on a subway car at rush hour in New York or sit in a coffee shop without seeing someone reading an e-book. And now the ubiquitous books are doing on-screen fight publishers and libraries, separated by a dispute that until a few years ago would not have existed.

Libraries want to deal with e-books like those of paper: one copy, when purchased, can be given an unlimited number of times. So far, the editors had accepted, but now one of them broke ranks and opened a controversy that will have significant consequences. HarperCollins, one of the leading publishing houses of America, which publishes, among others, Sarah Palin, has changed the way its e-book use by libraries.

Licenses 4G: The Council of State disavow the government

The government plan for the deployment of 4G in the territory would suffer a serious setback inflicted by the State Council. The institution would have resolved the conflict between the government Arcep, the independent telecom regulator, giving reason for the latter, according to the letter EuroTMT.

"According to several sources converge on the State Council had given its opinion on the draft decree defining the modalities of licensing 4G and have validated the reading by Arcep law Pinta said EuroTMT. COVERAGE OF TERRITORY TO 99%? Indeed, the government wanted to sell at a high price (at least two billion euros) licenses 4G operators by not imposing a minimum coverage of 90% of the territory.

Amazon will launch its challenge will be front iPad tablet

NEW YORK - After bringing up iPad Amazon Kindle, Jeff Bezos giant may switch to direct challenge. According to Forrester Research, in fact, the Seattle company could decide to launch its Android or Linux-based tablet. The company has the capital and the audience to compete against Apple (also Google), dominates the market for e-book reader Kindle and its going very well (according to IDC, sales doubled quarter over quarter, reaching 12.8 million of units).

Motorola has three Android Smartphones in the oven

Motorola is pure productivity from which Android came into his life, if we have not recovered from two of the most important and powerful phones for the latest shows, Bionic and Atrix Droid 4G, and have three in the starting line. Two Smartphones to replace phones come on the market, such as the Motorola Droid Droid 2 and X, which unfortunately are slow in coming to our country.

The third appears to be a brand new terminal by the name of Targa. The renewal of the phones will more or less a year of its existence, in summer, and has all the earmarks of which will be named Motorola Droid Droid 3 and X2, not lost in the range. The first will be sliding QWERTY keyboard, to follow the custom.

Microsoft would abandon its line of Zune players

Microsoft is about to stop production of new players stamped the Zune brand, according to information from Bloomberg. If the brand survive in the form of software for mobile phones running Windows phone, that decision would formalize the failure of the Zune against the iPod, Apple's star player. Zune was indeed launched in 2006 to counter the hegemony of Apple in the field of portable audio and video.

Integration to the drafting of the brain

This article appeared in the number of issues currently in the Information Library. POI is a quarterly journal of the Mill Bologna, directed by Angelo Agostini and dedicated to the themes of journalism and publishing people like us, has experienced total immersion journalism and publishing the information knows that the last five years in the profession and industry have experienced more change than in the previous three decades.

Zynga: play more, earn more

The publisher of games on Facebook Zynga announced Monday, March 14, launching a new virtual currency. By entering the program Rewardville ", the 250 million claimed by Zynga players earn" zcoins "reusable among the top holdings of the young shoot in San Francisco, as Cityville, Farmville and Mafia Wars.

"With RewardVille, our goal is to please gamers by rewarding them with the new points system and exclusive virtual items. We love that you love our games, so here is the chance to earn rewards! said Roy Sehgal, VP of Zynga, in a statement. This new service is actually more a reward system, a virtual currency itself.

Microsoft will stop working on new versions of its Zune portable player

Microsoft will stop working on new versions of its Zune portable player and focus on improvements in its software, which includes purchasing systems and subscription music and films, for application on phones that work with Windows, reports Bloomberg. Microsoft has not given any official information so far.

At this news has said that Zune had recently introduced the HD in Canada and remained committed to providing technical support to its customers. Microsoft itself admits that its long-term strategy is to move the "Zune ecosystem" to Microsoft platforms. Zune hit shelves in 2006 but could not fight a competitor as well established as the Apple iPod, which enjoys 77% market share.

The pattern of 'Angry Birds' predicts the death of the console

Passion in the computer industry for writing obituaries in a year in advance which is usually wrong ... is remarkable. Much has been written about the impending death of the computer. Now is the Angry Birds pattern that predicts death of consoles. Peter Vesterbacka, president of Rovio, the editor of the popular game, has assured that the console is destined to die.

He said the South by Southwest Interactive conference, where he said that innovation is in the mobile game and social play. For him, small producers can react with more agility to the demands of players and taking risks that can not support the large production of big plays. To Vesterbacka, the industry wants to sell games console 50 and $ 70 games that do not evolve.

How the Internet has withstood the earthquake

Despite the magnitude of the natural disaster that struck Japan, Internet access in the archipelago was very little disturbance outside the areas directly hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Based on measurements of Google, connections to the search engine from Japan have remained relatively stable, and the traffic level is raised 24 hours after the earthquake.

In areas directly affected, the connections are completely cut off, not because the infrastructure has not resisted, but because the means to connect (computers, grid ...) have been destroyed. The submarine cables linking the islands to the Internet have been damaged but the extent of damage is still unknown, and the network has been specifically designed to continue to operate even during major disasters.

Several video games canceled in Japan after earthquake

A major earthquake affecting a large city and a hero to survive by managing food, water, and especially avoiding the pitfalls of the devastated city become hostile territory ... Such was the scenario Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4: Summer Memories (Disaster Report 4 West), set out initially to urban survival on PlayStation 3 10 March 2011, the day before the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Japanese archipelago.

Philips Homerun, comes another robot vacuum cleaner to compete for domestic cleaning

On the market and we have excellent domestic robot vacuum cleaners. First came the iRobot Roomba, then came Korean alternative paths, the Hom-Bot LG and Samsung Navibot. Philips now is that this ring is up to the Philips robotic Homerun. Very similar to other automated vacuum cleaners have seen, the Philips Homerun also integrates multiple cameras and sensors (up to 20, according to the Dutch) to map the house.

With version 9, Internet Explorer will take advantage

Faster and safer: since Tuesday, March 14, Microsoft offers for download the final version of Internet Explorer 9, its Internet browser, the main developments concerning the speed of navigation and new measures to protect the user. Long time leader of the browser market, Internet Explorer has in recent years, gradually lost market share, mainly against Firefox (Mozilla) and Chrome (Google).

Internet Explorer remains the most used browser in Tech News Buzz, with nearly 57% market share, according to figures from the firm NetApplications. With IE 9, Microsoft wants to reverse the trend. "This is not just a renewal of our browser, said Nicolas Petit, Director Consumer Marketing & Internet, Microsoft France.

In Spain reach the Samsung Galaxy SII "pata negra"

After leaving the Nexus S in Spain with almost no screen expected SuperAMOLED, now we'll start to feel a flea market, so that the shadow starts to fall on future terminals arriving from the Korean company Samsung. Fortunately in the Samsung Spain yesterday, from twitter, undertook to reassure reporting a couple of important details about the star in 2011 Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII.

Last week we informed you that there are two versions of the phone, which differ mainly by the internal hardware used. While Nvidia Tegra extended option 2, or the Exynos 4210 of Samsung's own. The title of the story makes clear that for me the choice of Samsung is good, with that I'm not saying that Nvidia is not, that may have more support from the beginning to be more widespread, in fact arrive via Tegra Games Zone and PlayStation Suite.

Dell Vostro V130, analysis

The Dell Vostro V130 is a different handset. Since its launch had a huge desire to have him in my hands for two reasons: first, because the hardware is very decent and balanced a laptop, and second because I was completely seduced by its design. After some weeks of use I must admit that I was not disappointed.

We are a team that has a very decent performance, more than enough for normal users and even for someone looking for something else. Intel Core i3 is to blame, it has proved a perfect platform for everyday use. Our test team has the following features: There are no words to explain the grand design of the Vostro V130.

On July 31 Google delete private profiles

The rumor stated that Google would launch a network under the name of Circles. Not so. It would have been the third, after Orkut and Buzz. The only announcement of Google so far is that the private profiles of Google users will disappear if not made public before 31 July. Making a public profile does not mean revealing all services that have been discharged.

Place an account on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or Picasa for each user will be optional, but will be required to reveal, at least the user name. In a message in the help section of Google, explained and set out the decision: "The objective of the profiles of Google is that you control your online identity.