Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Acer Iconia delays A100 launch

Much has been said of the new 7-inch tablet manufactured by Acer in recent weeks. The new news is unfortunately not so positive, the company said the launch of the new gadget will be delayed. In the statement from the manufacturer of mobile and computer technology is announced that the new Acer Iconia A100 will be released at some unspecified time this year.

The causes of project delays have not yet been revealed, we assume that Acer will launch a new ad clarifying the fact to be left alone to those users who opt for the tablet thought 7 inch Iconia line. For now only remains to wait for the second half of the year to see what happens with this tablet.

PlayStation Network: Sony chief warns of new attacks by hackers

After a massive data theft, Sony has increased the security of its online services. Now, the gaming service is back on the grid - but CEO Howard Stringer warns: 100-percent safety can not give it. The information policy of his house defended Stringer. The Playstation network is up again, for weeks, engineers have been working on the security measures.

Facebook fixes a major security flaw

Facebook confirmed that it had corrected a major security breach that left confidential data leakage to third parties. Discovered by computer security company Symantec, the problem affected the operation of applications for social networking, these small game programs or services that integrate with Facebook pages and use the network authentication system.

When a user connects to an application, it allows the program to create a "token", the digital equivalent of a spare key, which avoids the user having to authenticate at all times. However, for applications that do not use the most recent protocols and more secure alternative that key can be decrypted by a third party.

Street View is threatening to close in Switzerland

Street View, Google street photo, could close in Switzerland if the Federal Court held the requirement that lower courts have imposed for Street View in absolute guarantees the anonymity of citizens. Patrick Warnking, head of Google in that country, told Associated Press that the company will ask the court cited to correct the lower courts decision for which Street View, before publishing the images, ensuring total anonymity of citizens blurring faces and license plates.

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Video game: Brink, choose your side

The order or chaos Brink, the last shooter in first person from Bethesda Softworks, do not bother too complex moral choices. In the near future, the rising water disrupts the planet. In this world to Waterworld, a small group built a shelter heavenly: the Arch. But the influx of refugees, soon herded into the devastated areas of the island, creating tension between old and new residents.

The player can choose to side with refugee rebels or security forces of the Ark who want to stop the rebellion. In terms of gameplay, the difference between the rebels and security forces appear to be fairly thin. Designed for team play, Brink challenges teams around key objectives fairly conventional: to protect a person or vehicle, to blow up a target, or hack a terminal to collect information.

Rovio provides an IPO "in two to three years"

Rovio Mobile, creator of blockbuster Angry Birds, is a bet on the stock exchange in New York in two or three years, said Wednesday its chief executive, Niklas Zennstroem. The Finnish company, which experienced meteoric growth from a group of 12 people at one hundred employees in just over a year, expects sales of 50 to 100 million euros in 2011 and "very, very profitable," added the officer, Summit Technology Reuters in Paris.

It is impossible to know who has accessed your Facebook profile

For several days, flower intriguing entries on the walls Facebook French: a short message from a friend, pointing to an application to "see who has viewed your profile". It is actually an unsolicited message, sent unbeknownst to the friend Facebook, and which propagates at high speed over the network.

If the user clicks the link, and follow the procedure proposed to him, his account will in turn infected, and his "friends" begin to turn to see this message on their walls. Furthermore, the user who follows the guidelines of this spam will be for expenses: there is no way of knowing which consulted a profile, and also the fact infect the user's account adventurous, this will not be available to the list promised.

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Major security flaw in Android phones

A team of security researchers from the University of Ulm (Germany) this week revealed the existence of a major flaw in the way Android, the operating system for mobile and Google bars, manages the multiple authentication services. The flaw could allow third parties to connect to the Google account user without his knowledge.

The vulnerability comes from how Android handles "tokens", the digital equivalent of an emergency key which avoids having to continually reconnect to a service. Up to version 2.3.4 of Android, calendar and contacts sync automatically phones using these tokens to connect to a Wi-Fi already known.

HTC would release a 10 inch tablet

The world of Tablets continues to speak and seems to be an endless market. The latest innovation coming from HTC, who seems to take the lead in the competition and announce their forthcoming 10-inch tablet. One size unthinkable until very recently, will that be the end? The last tablet edited by the company reached a size of 7 inches, but its success is making managers think of a launch HTC big.