Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video game: Brink, choose your side

The order or chaos Brink, the last shooter in first person from Bethesda Softworks, do not bother too complex moral choices. In the near future, the rising water disrupts the planet. In this world to Waterworld, a small group built a shelter heavenly: the Arch. But the influx of refugees, soon herded into the devastated areas of the island, creating tension between old and new residents.

The player can choose to side with refugee rebels or security forces of the Ark who want to stop the rebellion. In terms of gameplay, the difference between the rebels and security forces appear to be fairly thin. Designed for team play, Brink challenges teams around key objectives fairly conventional: to protect a person or vehicle, to blow up a target, or hack a terminal to collect information.

The mission will be facilitated by completing secondary objectives, such as taking control of a position of command that will give various bonuses to your team, besides allowing to change classes. TEAMWORK Brink, developed by Splash Damage, takes effect in the system of classes of characters popularized by Enemy Territory, the same studio.

The player can choose to play as a soldier, which will service his classmates ammunition, a doctor who can boost the health of his teammates and will revive them on the battlefield, an engineer, necessary to accomplish certain goals and beating the mines and turrets, or an operator who can hack into various devices.

It is possible to change classes during the game, but this requires going to a command post. And proper functioning of the team will depend on a balance be found between the maps and objectives. A system of experience points to unlock skills, weapons and accessories for his characters. Enemy Territory since this system of character classes has been utilized by other titles, including by Team Fortress, Valve.

Effective and dynamic, the set of classes does not, however, shines in its originality, a feature that used the FPS will not find either in the weapons available. Where Brink innovates, it is rather interesting in construction levels and objectives, which ensure a continuous action in environments full of colorful and secret passages, but too few.

Team play, Brink is by definition not made for solo players. The title offers a good way "player", a life very correct, but it suffers from an artificial intelligence frustrating. It is not uncommon to wait in vain for your team physicians, located a few steps, you revived, while the rest of your team comes under enemy fire.

More annoying, online play on Xbox 360 at least, suffered from delays in the launch system and a choice of the parties frustrating. An update released Monday, May 16 seems to have corrected most problems.

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