Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is impossible to know who has accessed your Facebook profile

For several days, flower intriguing entries on the walls Facebook French: a short message from a friend, pointing to an application to "see who has viewed your profile". It is actually an unsolicited message, sent unbeknownst to the friend Facebook, and which propagates at high speed over the network.

If the user clicks the link, and follow the procedure proposed to him, his account will in turn infected, and his "friends" begin to turn to see this message on their walls. Furthermore, the user who follows the guidelines of this spam will be for expenses: there is no way of knowing which consulted a profile, and also the fact infect the user's account adventurous, this will not be available to the list promised.

Close to a previous spam broadcast in English, this message appears to be related to a second type of unsolicited message, investing this time instant messaging with Facebook and promising to reveal "who blocked you on Hotmail Facebook application. Once infected, the user of an account can get rid of the problem by going to the Profile menu, identify the page of spam, and click "Remove Page".

By cons, if your Facebook wall is invaded by these publications, you will have no choice but to report them one by one as spam, until your "friends" page block or a patch is made.

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