Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PlayStation Network: Sony chief warns of new attacks by hackers

After a massive data theft, Sony has increased the security of its online services. Now, the gaming service is back on the grid - but CEO Howard Stringer warns: 100-percent safety can not give it. The information policy of his house defended Stringer. The Playstation network is up again, for weeks, engineers have been working on the security measures.

Never again should the data of more than 100 million user accounts can be stolen. But CEO Howard Stringer sees despite improved security measures do not guarantee you a trouble free future. The protection of personal data but is an "endless process" and he did not know whether someone "a hundred percent sure" could be, "said Stringer, the Wall Street Journal.
In the "bad new world" of cyber crime, he could no longer guarantee security. The Sony competent manager Kazuo Hirai also stressed: "We have done everything possible and reasonable to ensure that the system is protected from attack." Even if an attacker can get behind the "security wall" that there are additional safeguards that would prevent him to gain access to Sony's data.

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