Thursday, May 26, 2011

Internet all'eG8 no agreement on the rules

It was concluded yesterday in Paris the first eG8, the summit on the network that preceded the opening session of the eight major land, which began today in Deauville, France. Two days of debate on the Internet and social networks in relation to riots in the Maghreb and the protection of personal data.

The opening session on Tuesday, President Nicholas Sarkozy, the event's promoter, discussed Web as a decisive step in the history of humanity after the discovery of America and the Industrial Revolution. Despite this, however, took care to emphasize the need for regulation shared by governments, real objective of the meeting.

Google Wallet comes the electronic wallet

An electronic wallet contained in our smart phone, to pay in the shops at once, use coupons and keep the receipt. All with one instrument and all in digital. E 'Google Wallet, a platform to which the web giant has lifted the veil today. Was a new expectation, but now they know the details. The service will debut in the U.S.

only for now, in summer, from New York City and St. Francisco. It takes advantage of partnerships Mastercard (but will work with all credit cards), and Citigroup will work in 120 thousand shops, including the Subway fast food chain, Macy's, American Eagle Outfitters, Wallgreen's, Toys R Us.

Assassin's Creed Revelations The last chapter of the blockbuster

To know the future of video games have to go back in time. Until the Ottoman Istanbul in 1511 to be exact. And 'here that will take place on Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Revelations, the last chapter of a series of games from 2007 to date has sold 28 million copies. Epic in its fourth episode waiting for November, now more and more like a Hollywood blockbuster.

No coincidence that for Revelations, which will show you the first preview images have been used about 500 people spread between Canada, France, Singapore and Romania. Productive effort in the world of video games has few precedents, including with regard to the costs in the mammoth projects of the kind of Rockstar's LA Noire or Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix.

Yahoo Mail integrates Facebook and Twitter

Starting next Saturday, gradually, this service customers will find some improvements in addition to unlimited space. In the case of Google, for instance, must pay to expand the capacity of the mailbox. Yahoo Mail integrates Twitter and Facebook account to reply to messages and update the status directly from a tab in your inbox.

Skype collapses, panic on the Net

No attack by hackers. For the moment this is the only certainty that Skype has provided about 800 million users worldwide using VoIP, (voice over Internet protocol) for their phone calls and chats. The announcement was made through the Twitter profile of the software a few hours after the collapse that occurred during the early morning hours.

"Some of you might not be able to access Skype and make calls: we are investigating and hope to have details to share as soon as possible," explained the engineers on the social network. After thanking you for your patience, within an hour's computer had already posted the first option, pending other more simple to remedy the problem, with many different and specific, depending on the operating system of computers.

Microsoft denies the name of the release date of Windows 8

After a day where the words of Steve Ballmer mentioned the name and release of the new operating system from Microsoft "Windows 8, Microsoft denied through a spokesman, explaining that our plans are not yet final and that there was a misunderstanding with the drafting of Business Insider. The spokesman added: "We are waiting with excitement the next generation of hardware based on Windows 7, which will be available during the next fiscal year, but now we have not yet an official announcement on the timing and the name of the new version of Windows"

That file that silences Skype has affected thousands of people

Ironically, one might say, Skype, instant messaging and telephony services worldwide via the Web just bought by Microsoft for a record $ 8 billion and half dollars, it stops working. Respecting the tradition, or the injury, if you prefer, dell'inaffidabilità Windows operating systems. But this time the damage is global, hence the alarm, even if not about the over 600 million registered users.

Sales of computers and software: HP convicted unfair practice

The Court of Appeal of Versailles ruled in favor of UFC-Que Choisir, who challenged the bundling software pre-installed computers by Hewlett Packard France, said, Thursday, May 26, the Consumers' Association in a statement. In a decision dated May 5, including Agence France-Presse has obtained a copy, the court believes that the sale not Hewlett Packard France 'computers preinstalled [...] constitutes an unfair trade practice prohibited under the directive of May 11, 2005 "on unfair trade practices.

Blog - Facebook, virtual school yard

As a good politician, founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, took advantage of e-G8 held in Paris to say he had no immediate intention to open its site to children under 13. The look of Martin Vidberg.

Facebook should launch a music service with Spotify

Facebook will soon launch an online music service in partnership with Spotify, reports Forbes, Wednesday, May 25, citing unnamed sources. This offer is currently being tested, according to the magazine, but could make its appearance in the pages of social networking within two weeks. Spotify an icon will be placed in the left column profiles of Facebook users, giving access to its playlist.

Another feature should allow users to listen to all their favorite tracks on Facebook, says another anonymous source, quoted by Forbes. According to the American magazine, this agreement has been no financial transactions. But the interest seems clear to the Swedish site who will benefit from an increased audience.

In China, prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft

Liu Dali spent five years in a Chinese labor camp. Besides the hard manual tasks imposed, he was also forced to play daily for hours at the online game World of Warcraft to fill the pockets of the leaders in prison.

Blog - Playtime Hits: question (s) ID (s)

Known why the delay in Iconia Tab

As many of you will remember a few days ago we shared the news that the launch of Acer's tablet, the Tab Iconia A100 would be delayed until the last quarter of this year. Well today we have found out the official reason why the delay. According to the latest announcement from the maker's new A100 Iconia Tab will be delayed by problems of interface.

The model would be one of the first to equip the new Android 3.1 HoneyComb, an operating system designed primarily for gadgets of 9 inches or more. Herein lies the problem, it seems that Acer have just now have realized that the Tab Iconia A100 screen is only 7 inches and would be very small icons on the display.