Thursday, May 26, 2011

Internet all'eG8 no agreement on the rules

It was concluded yesterday in Paris the first eG8, the summit on the network that preceded the opening session of the eight major land, which began today in Deauville, France. Two days of debate on the Internet and social networks in relation to riots in the Maghreb and the protection of personal data.

The opening session on Tuesday, President Nicholas Sarkozy, the event's promoter, discussed Web as a decisive step in the history of humanity after the discovery of America and the Industrial Revolution. Despite this, however, took care to emphasize the need for regulation shared by governments, real objective of the meeting.

Sarkozy has been the promoter of Hadopi, the law against file sharing among the strictest in Europe. However, his hopes were disappointed. Indeed, as summarized Xavier Niel's French provider Iliad SA, the message is dell'eG8: "Please Try Not To Regulate." Guests at the tip were Rupert Murdoch and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

For the Australian magnate, the Internet revolution has affected all sectors except industrial and cultural one: education. For the CEO of News Corp, schools are the last bastion of the digital revolution and the great challenge of our times is the development and research of human capital.

A perspective that accounts for its investment of $ 360 million to buy 90% of Wireless Generation, a company that provides teachers with software to test the preparedness of students and provide customized e-learning. Zuckerberg instead focused on new web trends, dominated by the need to share users' personal information.

As for the riots in the Maghreb, however, has reduced the role of social media has been convinced that the Net as a whole to play a key role in the actual mobilization. As for Facebook said that after the games, will the music industry and the film to do business on the platform and the company has no plans to grant registration to persons under 13 years, as had been mooted in the days past.

During the meeting Sarkozy has been attacked by some groups that are fighting for the rights on the network such as the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus complained that the agenda dell'eG8: too little space to companies and to the principle of net neutrality. And it is still mystery about the responsibilities of a group of French activists, La Quadrature du Net, with its hacker would have caused the black out intermittently in the wireless network during the forum.

As Sarkozy intends to push towards the formulation of rules shared the conclusions of the meeting was simply raised some issues on which governments should consider: including network management and collaboration between industry and governments for the cost-sharing, data protection personal and Copyright in the 2.0 over the free flow of information.

Subject on which none of the guests, including giants like Google and Facebook and invited experts and workshops for speech, has proposed a clear focus for the imposition of rigid rules can damage corporate profits. The six delegates dell'eG8, including Mark Zuckerberg and executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, are now in Deauville to explain the results of the two-day meeting.

The only message to be transmitted to the great land is that the Internet is the key for developing countries and their economies. The first eG8 ended without even a plot to start a web of pragmatic regulation contrary to what Sarkozy was expected.

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