Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facebook should launch a music service with Spotify

Facebook will soon launch an online music service in partnership with Spotify, reports Forbes, Wednesday, May 25, citing unnamed sources. This offer is currently being tested, according to the magazine, but could make its appearance in the pages of social networking within two weeks. Spotify an icon will be placed in the left column profiles of Facebook users, giving access to its playlist.

Another feature should allow users to listen to all their favorite tracks on Facebook, says another anonymous source, quoted by Forbes. According to the American magazine, this agreement has been no financial transactions. But the interest seems clear to the Swedish site who will benefit from an increased audience.

Launched in 2006, legal service, available in Britain, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands offers millions of songs. Spotify has a million users and Premium over ten million subscribers free of charge and is now targeting the U.S. market. It has also recently launched a new synchronization system that allows the user to unify its playlists on computers or mobile devices, making it close to the Apple iTunes program.

FABRIC'S OFFER SOCIAL NETWORK For Facebook, the goal is to expand its range of cultural products. The first social network focused on online games, allowing companies like Zynga, the developer of the game Farmville, prosper and to consider IPO. In March, the Hollywood studio Warner began testing a video service on request on Facebook.

But in the music industry online, Facebook will have to face competition increasingly greater. Amazon has launched a music service in the "cloud", that is to say, enabling access to songs from any device connected to the Internet, followed by Google in May. Apple could also soon offer a similar service.

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