Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smile ... guess the pileup

Since we expect some intense weeks in terms of test pots in Tech News Buzz, as they arrive in our hands the most desirable gadgets of the year have already been presented, we must get back into shape with our Guess the pileup. Which we bring you today arrived on Friday Tech News Buzzcueva and since then has been a non stop ...

enjoy. After years of waiting, finally real, and the smile that you see in the picture almost makes this track for sure guess that is drawn in the coming days in the first to enjoy this gadget. I think about and tracks. Guess the Tech News Buzz pileup?

The Huffington lands in Europe, the fight with the NYT paywall

The new titles expand digital, traditional accounts are with the Network Less than two months after the acquisition by America Online (AOL), the Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington has announced plans to launch a ' edition of the site for the UK, with the aim to reproduce in Europe as his formula for success.

While the "superblog" plans the conquest of the Old Continent, the New York Times is faced with the difficulty of monetizing its online visitors and collects critical to every part of the Network for the tariffs imposed by his new "paywall. Post and Times are two of the top news sites in the United States, with the New York newspaper that he can count on a million visits per month more than aggregator, according to Comscore, a difference that was reduced significantly than six million visitors a year ago.

Facebook Snaptu and aims to buy low cost phones

LONDON - Seventy million dollars, more or less € 50 million, is estimated that Facebook has invested in Snaptu, an Israeli company founded in 2007 that develops applications and provides online services for mobile phones and low- cost. Not just high-end smartphones and then: the social network also aims to expand down.

The aim is the ubiquity of Facebook, on any device can connect to the Net and even those who do not connect, including many models from cheap phones. A market with its huge volumes of sales and selling, tempts even Mark Zuckerberg. The phones themselves are low cost and 80% of the market, about 4.2 billion of the total 5.3 phones sold worldwide.

Sharp introduces its new televisions Quattrone

The firm Sharp has introduced its new range of TVs that incorporate the new technology they have called Quattrone, a range that offers excellent image quality, but have forgotten 3D technology. The new Sharp Quattrone LE830 is a TV Edge LED technology, the same works at 120 Hz and has the famous quarter pixel yellow intensifies the projected image, this Quad Quattrone called Sharp Pixel Technology.

Samsung puts a price on their youngest Series 9

Barely a couple of weeks Samsung decided to give us release date for its elitist Portable Series 9, in addition to reporting on the price of 13.3-inch model. We are left with the desire to know how much would the 11.6-inch model, and we can share with you on U.S. soil that the laptop will be priced at $ 1,199, at first glance somewhat higher than the competition.

The price issue can be seen from many points of view, obviously not a product available, but we are playing in the league of MacBook Air, for performance and quality, in fact he shares with screen size and 64GB SSD as storage. In some media talk of a 128GB version, but we have not seen official information.

Playbook run Android applications

That is, the story sounds preposterous, the new BlackBerry playbook can run programs and applications designed for the famous Google operating system. With this announcement of RIM have managed to give a big shift to widespread criticism about their operating system, the application market for Android iOS and is much higher than QNX.

With this measure BlackBerry developers have reduced, almost vanish, the disadvantage that presented to other high-end tablets. Specifically RIM announced the BlackBerry Playbook will be able to run applications in C / C + +, Java, HTML5, Adobe Flash or Adobe Air and called for those developers to apply their applications.

IPad Fever 2: Image of the week

Although Nintendo 3DS cabinet yesterday also left, nor tails high expectations have been at launch Spanish. And that goes to buy a Nintendo 3DS be much more profitable than a iPad 2. So in the battle to be the image of the week, winning new product from Apple for their media coverage, well-planned and the media on their side.

The iPad 2 is already on the street, and as we have our fellow Applesfera, as always have done an excellent track of the previous moments and moments after making the sale of Apple tablet, has been a success. Online store orders are not served before 2-3 weeks, and the physical store stock is in the final.