Friday, March 25, 2011

New LG laptop range

LG, the developer of technology products, has introduced its new range of notebooks comprises four models ranging between 599 and 999 euros. The first is a compact netbook with a 12.5 inch screen, the LG P210. It counts with an interesting design in white and respectable technical features, among them are Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive and a battery with an autonomy of 5 hours of use.

Another pole for my smartphone!

Has finally reached the smartphone that all regular at the bars wanted a phone that will join us in the reeds after work or weekends. We refer to the new Cheers, the first mobile phone that works with wine. The new Cheers has been developed by the technology development firm tryi Yeh of Taiwan. In addition to the new feeding system (yes, wine is food) the smartphone features a particular flask-shaped design.

The game can be faithful to history?

Effective tool to narrate fictional events, the game also proved that he knew in the past remain attractive using historical contexts, and observing real. Some types lend themselves particularly well to this type of exercise. This is the case of strategy game development studio with Britain's The Creative Assembly has made a specialty.

The studio has been publishing for over ten years a series, "Total War", which attempts to reconcile realism and gaming. "For the choice of context, we opt for periods punctuated by major wars, known by most people. They should also be compatible with the development of gameplay (a game mechanic) of interest "says Mark Sutherns, associate producer on the series.

Video - Dragon Age II "and the origin of the myth of hydra

The tablet change the rules of the game

I HAD a laptop, I used it often, indeed, to be honest I had replaced the old desktop with the laptop at home. Now, thanks the arrival of the era of post-computer, mobile phone and use the tablet PC and I no longer use. And the more time passes and the higher the number of people who will do the same.

It 's inevitable, but not because Apple has a good marketing department, not because the products of Jobs to go out of fashion, but because the iPad tablet and are changing the rules of the game, are changing the way we live the digital times, Listen to music, read books and newspapers, watch movies and videos, connect to the Internet, use programs to work, play.

Video - Time lost: Warlight

Music launch of Google is apparently imminent

In the house Google employees are already allowed to test the music service in the cloud - a sign of the imminent publication. Moreover, market researchers are going on: They report the loss of visitors to MySpace and the decline of P2P exchanges. All this and more at a glance. The long-awaited music service, Google Music Google may soon be published.

How the Internet magazine CNet. com reports, referring to representatives of the music industry, the company has started internal tests, which are common in the industry before the launch. Two weeks ago, there had been rumors of an imminent launch, when a developer stumbled when installing the Android version of Honeycomb, a functional issue Google Music.

Technological fever Friday afternoon: Galaxy Tech Buzz News

In a very interesting week for the world of technology and gadget fever (currently it is selling the iPad 2 in Spain, you can also buy the Nintendo 3DS, and no new generation of web browsers), nothing like review of quiet way the most interesting of our Galaxy paced Tech Buzz News Friday afternoon. But first a question: Is Android just for geeks or you can use any? Good weekend to all and do not forget that Applesfera SuperHero walked one in his club.

LOL very acronyms in the "Oxford Dictionary"

So the city is connected to Microsoft and the Portuguese Government plans to build near Oporto

1,600 hectares of buildings connected and updateable online government infrastructure and a new concept called urban operating system (UOS). It is not science fiction, but the details surrounding PlanIT, the city project that the Government attached Luso is launching Microsoft's hand. PlanIT began in the imagination of Steve Lewis, a former Microsoft executive who heads the project and, in fact, has reached an agreement with the Redmond company to be they who create the software environment on which cloud will develop all city services.

How metaphors programmed our minds

InternetActu - Another blow to the idea of man "rational animal" and a brick in the edifice of behavioral economics. Our vision of the world - and therefore our decisions - would be largely shaped by our system of metaphors, which pertain not only decidedly poets. This is evident from the experiment conducted by Paul Thibodeau and Lera Boroditsky at Stanford University, reported by an article in Discover magazine.

The iPad2 arrived in Italy some people have done 24 hours in a row

ROME - The iPad2 has landed in Italy. At five in the afternoon, the Apple Store opened its doors to long lines of customers waiting to buy the new "tablet" weblog Steve Jobs. And it was very successful, like the one already registered in the U.S., where in a few days have been sold over a million "tablets" with the symbol of the bitten apple.

OUR TEST THE FILE IN ROME THE FILE IN MILAN The new technology object of desire - with the first version has sold over 15 million - has already achieved the first goal, to surround himself with attention spread throughout the world. Its technical characteristics have forced competitors to revise the policies of industrial production of tablet "rivals" and, in many cases, to delay the marketing of its devices to solve two fundamental problems: the specific hi-tech (especially the display that, for the iPad 2 is 8.9 inches, in contrast to the first rumors that he gave as a 7-inch) and the price.

Stephan Bole: "The video game industry is not hardware, but content"

Nintendo released in France, Friday, March 25, a new version of its handheld console, Nintendo 3DS. Stephan Bole, CEO of Nintendo France, outlines the strategy of the Japanese company. What are your sales targets in 3DS Tech News Buzz? The number of sales that we announced is 4 million units in Tech News Buzz for late March.

In Japan, we are almost 800 000 consoles sold at the end of last week. We also have very high levels of reservation in Europe and the United States. In France, we are more than 55,000 reservations, and we expect to exceed 70 000. We're booking at levels higher than the Wii and Nintendo DS models.

Burma, censorship on the network also blocked VoIP services

BANGKOK - When the Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said after his release, want to take advantage of new (and unknown to her) Internet technologies, an alarming wake-up alarm is sounded in the corridors of power of the 400 general residents km north of Rangon, the new capital Naypyidaw. But Jasmine was after the revolution and the revolts of the Middle East that the regime considered digital information far too "dangerous" for the "stability and public order." So not only Twitter and Youtoube always been banned, but Skype and other VoIP services (Internet audio technology) will be blocked to prevent any form of communication "easy" is in the country with the outside world.

Google delays opening of the new Android code

Android is an open source operating system. Developers can access your code and create versions. That is true to the Android 3.0, Honeycomb, the first Google has created specifically thinking into tablets. Andy Rubin, the head of Android at Google, has ensured that this operating system is "an open source project, we have not changed their strategy." However, "to respect the timing of exit of tablets have made some concessions.

Facebook deletes 20,000 profiles daily

Facebook has acknowledged that its daily eliminates 20,000 Pefile network. The main reason is that it is under 13 who are enrolled in the same admission criteria in breach of the site. Mozelle Thompson, respond to privacy, acknowledged in a congressional committee in Australia. "There are people who lie. Facebook deletes profiles would say 20,000 people found below this age." Thompson admitted that the mechanisms for the liars descibrir not perfect. Zdnet believes that these data are not accurate and that the figure reflects the closure of records for any purpose that infringes the rules of the network.

Blog - The French finally feel concerned

It comes out on Friday that the IPAD 2, available in black and white. It will certainly be the big news earlier this year, perhaps with the release of the new Nintendo console, the 3DS. The Japanese manufacturer innovates again with exclusive 3D screen to the small laptop.

The world's fastest internet was born in the laboratories of Pisa

PISA - Quattrocentoquarantotto Gbit per second. At this speed they are able to transmit data over the Internet to researchers at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa with colleagues in the National Laboratory of photonic networks of the Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications. In partnership with Ericsson, have developed data transmission over the Internet the world's fastest, which is the first system in the world that operates at 448 Gbit per second on a double optical carrier was added to a system of commercial fiber-optic network.

The Color Nook wants to evolve a tablet Android

With the obsession of some tablets to make us believe they are actually valid e-book readers on an equal footing with electronic ink, and pure readers who get to computers with more features, one does not know what each gadget. The Nook Color, a color e-book is not, could evolve into pure and simple tablet in the coming weeks if we pay attention to rumors that place one's own application store Nook's hand in that the first thing is ...

From calculators to dictionaries tips and tricks in Google

A white box in which to write with the keyboard, and network search automatically starts, now without even the need to press enter. Google is one of the easiest things to use on the Internet. However, although the site seems to always equal to itself, behind the apparent static nature have been introduced over the years dozens of options to facilitate the research, that work without even noticing or using the special codes.

Sharp Quattrone's technology to power its new televisions LE830

Sharp does not want to mislead consumers about how important their technology models Quattrone, who is the image quality above all, in their latest models has avoided the topic of 3D. The new Sharp Quattrone LE830 are models of type Edge LED technology, with panels at 120 Hz of course the extra pixel technology yellow Quad Pixel Technology Quattrone added to these sets to enhance the color and intensity of what it shows.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis (V): AMD benchmarks, Part II

We and we approach the end. In this fifth part of the analysis of the Mountain 2000 GMT and finished our tests and in the absence of the final conclusions we leave for the sixth and last inning, we'll see how it behaves the computer with AMD 6950 and AMD 6970. Another two NVidia GPUs that have always seemed very interesting and provide an extra performance on the 6800 Series.

Tests remain the same with Crysis: Warhead, Call of Duty: Black Ops, 3DMark and FurMark, and of course we will compare the results of the models we tried today with our previous tests. While both AMD 6850 and 6870 were interesting models, but both were below the NVidia GTX 570, the graph in the base configuration of the GTM 2000, AMD 6950 and AMD 6970 and fall short of the NVidia that comment.

Lexmark Genesis S815, video analysis of a different printer

Lexmark is still more companies that is working because the printer will not be forgotten. Complicated task but possible with models like the last Genesis S815 we tested in Tech News Buzz and we present one of our video analysis. With the design and vertical capture system based on a photo sensor, the S815 keeps Lexmark Genesis and other key aspects in a product in this category: wireless Internet access and applications that enhance the use of this device vilified.

With 3DS, Nintendo takes relief

There are chances of timing that is hard to believe. Take March 25. That day, Nintendo will launch in Europe and the United States its new handheld console 3DS, the first of its kind to offer games in relief without glasses. At the same time, will begin selling two of Apple iPad, a tablet computer that is becoming increasingly oriented toward entertainment and video games with its improved screen and two cameras.

Cons shelves at EUR 600, Archos setting prices broken

The iPad 2, sold from this Friday in France? Between 400 and 600 euros. The Samsung Galaxy Tab? 550 euros. The Motorola Xoom, due out in early April? Between 600 and 800 dollars U.S.. The RIM playbook? From $ 500. Despite the effects of mode competition and the enthusiasm of manufacturers, key touch pads on the market are expensive products.

Samsung, Motorola and RIM have highlighted the "iPad killers" high-end Apple supposed to compete directly in its niche. To what result? In this game, it's Apple, which became the lion's share. According to estimates from several retailers during the holiday season, the iPad the Apple brand accounted for two thirds of tablets sold.