Thursday, March 17, 2011

The new NPM come at a cost of 250 euros

A survey by a consultant to the company Ubisoft may have indirectly revealed the price of the new Next Generation Portable (NGP), the console could arrive to market at a cost of 250 euros in its most basic. The survey was designed to different media-related industry and computer games revealed "accidentally" (it was obvious that the information would go beyond) the new NGP hit the market at a cost of 250 euros for your version Wi-Fi and 350 for the 3G version.

Integrated GPU, a future that is becoming mainstream

A study by iSuppli has revealed that half of the computers sold in 2011 will be integrated GPU, and there used to be dedicated as usual until recently. This includes desktops, notebooks, and is limited only to those sold during the year. The reason is simple. Manufacturers are developing more and more CPU with integrated GPU, and this also affects many more models come with these features to market.

A new economic tablet Nvsbl

The tablet market is becoming more and more competitive, and not only is friction between the big companies because we found a wide range of very cheap tablets with similar characteristics. Well now is your turn to other low-end tablet, this is the Nvsbl P4D v3, a tablet that can be purchased for less than 200 euros.

The new Nvsbl P4D v3 incorporates ARM Cortex A9 processor 1.2 GHz, MALI-400 graphics system, 7-inch LCD screen, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and HDMI video output, a technology really interesting if we consider to be a cost of 169 Euros plus VAT. The P4D Nvsbl v3 uses Android 2.2 and has support Flash 10.1; something that certainly can get breast before the competition.

Customizable camera Pentax

It is not news that a product is promoted especially by design and not by the technology and although often happens is not a great omen as to the quality concerns, but Pentax has introduced a digital camera with excellent techniques that will dazzle with varying designs. The new Pentax Optio RS1500 is a 14-megapixel digital camera with 27.5-100mm zoom, 3 inch LCD screen and 720p video recording can buy for just $ 150.

Samsung will remove the 3D glasses in three years

Late last year, which is supposed to exploit the 3D world of television, we mentioned a situation that we feared: the selflessness that seemed to be showing the manufacturers. Having to wear 3D glasses and just having material has made sales have not exploited or at least was not the boom that makes sure that expected.

So his next (and wiser) hope now lies in the world of 3D TV without glasses. We would be moving to a time within three years, at least in the time scale of Samsung, which has shown a new 55-inch 3D model does not need glasses to recreate the 3D effect on the consumer. At the moment your system is green, and makes use of two LCD screens, one with a possibility of changing its refractive index to simulate the 3D effect that will be noticeable in a distance range between 2.5 and 6 meters, but the angle vision remains a problem.

The new My Book Studio Edition II will be launched up to 6 TB

With exquisite design and clean, we have characterized, and a book so interesting to be on the table, shelf or wherever we want and assemble several models, we present the new My Book Studio Edition II, which launches in órdago way 6 TB to challenge you to you are able to fill. To go and check just follow the display characteristic of this series of desktop hard drives.

RAID configuration we can adapt to our needs, whether for having duplicate content, or for safekeeping and maximum capacity, and method of connection to the computer we can opt for USB 2.0 (only), eSATA or FireWire 400 and 800. If we believe that we would be able to fill all the model My Book Studio Edition II, 6 TB out of 550 dollars, and even comes ready to use it directly to Mac, will also run on Windows or Linux after a suitable format.

WNDAP320 Netgear WiFi everywhere gives

Netgear will not miss this year the fair also SITI / asLAN, where we will display your professional communication solutions for this 2011. Of the new products, which include new models of its most comprehensive NAS and come with more bays and capacity, we are left with the access point Netgear ProSafe WNDAP320.

This network device extends the wireless network coverage and increase its speed, supporting wireless standards 11g, 11n and 11b. The system comes with Netgear WNDAP320 enabling WDS can extend your wireless network without trunk cable that connects, facilitating installation and reducing its visual impact.

NVSBL readies its third tablet with Android: P4D v3

If the tablets rich segment is hot, the segment most affordable models the fight is even more fierce. Nvsbl has positioned itself well in that segment betting on a very competitive price and high finish in their models. The third generation is ready to get to the street. The new tablet Nvsbl P4D v3 introduces new processor, which is now an ARM Cortex A9 in 1.2 Ghz and a graphic part by MALI-400 system.

The ESEE Philips HD promises thrills

Philips seems to have in mind not only surprised soon the fryer without oil but with a new camcorder that complied with the specifications includes the tweakers site promises a good feeling. The ESEE futuriblePhilips HD would be a model somewhere between compact camcorders and high-end compact size as it mixes with characteristics very consider.

For example, this camcorder range ESEE have WiFi connectivity and a powerful zoom of 23 increases ... optical tricks no nonsense. Other features that have come to the "scene gadgetera" I would record in FullHD count and could be controlled using the touch screen. The report is based exclusively on SD cards.

Blog - 31st Book Fair: how the digital moving there?

And now, as every year, the return of the great French book fair - a big fair that I avoid diligently to me, but this does not mean that I do not recommend you to go browse the aisles and even take the time to listen to some lectures.

Flip Video, the most famous pocket camcorders arrive in Spain

With several years late, finally arriving at Spain pocket camcorders fever initiated by such devices. The Flip Video of actual Cisco are officially in our country but make an appearance when not only other brands that compete directly with them and have their models in Spain but other giants such as Samsung also signed up long ago this fever that smart phones have been turned off gradually.

But anyway celebrate the Flip Video already here. As of April 12 and will be found in stores both high-definition models, the Flip and Flip UltraHD MinoHD, but from next Monday and can be booked on the web by the more anxious. These pocket camcorders offer related to its functionality aspects that are sure to recognize: compact size, ease of use, few controls, small screen and integrated USB port.

The 'bestsellers' in Kindle are ... games

Amazon has launched a campaign to promote games for e-book reader Kindle and offers in the U.S. market a range of titles at $ 0.99. Consequently, five of them are among the first eleven titles in the list of top selling titles for the Kindle digital library. A Scrabble ranks first in the best-sellers to pay Amazon.

The second is a loner. A crime novel is in third place, the first book on the list. A version of Majhong ranks fourth. A Sudoku appears in the seventh. Crosswords in The New York Times appear in the nineteenth place. All games are in that range are in the list of 100 best sellers. Interestingly, in the list of best-selling "nonfiction" the first place is not occupied by the Sudoku Scrabble.

Firefox 4 is integrated into the mobile telephone

Firefox, the browser of the Mozilla Foundation, is preparing to launch the fourth version. He does not rush or deadlines. Firefox 4 will be available for the three most common operating systems: Macintosh, Linux and Windows. Unlike the recently launched Internet Explorer 9, works with both XP and Vista and 7. The big news is not just having a mobile version for Android and Nokia's most advanced, those who have the Maemo operating system, but that will synchronize passwords, sites visited, bookmarked pages and user navigation data.

iPad 2, the secret of its thickness is in the battery

Something that really surprised the new iPad 2, which should arrive next week to Spain if not sent to cover the new demand in the U.S., is undoubtedly its thickness. As we saw in the comparative tablets of 10 inches beginning of the month, only the Galaxy Tab can compete with the iPad 2 in that part of their dimensions, and even with that, it is more than 2 mm apart.

Now, thanks to the cutting of the people of IHS iSuppli, has shown that the thickness secret iPad 2 is in its battery. In the original iPad, this important component bulged 6.1 mm, and now in the new iPad 2, this part of the design is raised only 2.5 mm. However, they have managed to maintain autonomy virtually identical to the original tablet model, which would have achieved by increasing the energy density of the same.

Price of Sony NGP, escapes in a survey

The price of the console Sony NGP could have been exposed earlier than the company had hoped. Among 250 (WiFi version) and $ 350 (3G version) would have to pay to us with the new Sony NGP. The story of how he discovered the alleged price of the Sony NGPnos the count in Kotaku. In a survey of Ubisoft in search of a given market share of this future console wondered how tempting a price of $ 250 WiFi model and only $ 350 which also includes 3G connectivity.

Pioneer also offers its sports headphones

As music is a perfect companion for sport, Pioneer joins the manufacturers put in their catalog headphones specially designed for these activities. Your new Pioneer SE-CL331 assume all of its resistance to IPX7 which allow you to be submerged in one meter deep in water. But rather than swimmers, these headphones are designed for us to dip them by washing or by rain during the year.

Besides the resistance to water or sweat, the other key point is that the headset sports grip is appropriate and not have to be continuously outstanding if we are falling or not. Pioneer SE-CL331 They also meet the condition for the design of their capsules, which is the only thing used to keep our ears.

Mizuho bank tries to restart its ATMs

The bank Mizuho, \u200b\u200bJapan's third financial institution, announced Thursday it was trying to revive the operation of its ATMs, victims of a blackout for three days. ATMs the company stopped working Monday, but the bank says that the failure is not directly related to the earthquake and power outages that followed.

The bank has been unable to explain the reasons for failure, but says it will be able to provide details on the outage on Thursday. The first two days of failure would have blocked about 570 billion yen (5.2 billion) of transactions, according to estimates by the bank. Withdrawals as transfers were blocked by the outage.

DVD in crisis, the big Hollywood launch field UltraViolet

It is called UV (ultraviolet) and is the new standard technology designed to revolutionize the world of home-video, or at least try. Behind this acronym is a consortium - the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) - which includes almost every major Hollywood by Warner Bros to Paramount Pictures, and hi-tech giants like Microsoft, Nokia, and Sony Hewlett-Packard.

Not to mention actors like Netflix and Comcast, the largest provider of cable Internet services in the United States. The new technology is based on three principles: the "cloud storing" (save all the video directly on the provider's server) the acquisition, lifetime, the right to see a movie, the independence of content from any type of physical media and its virtual ubiquity on every kind of device, from TV to the tablet.

Netbooks cheaper: the idea of \u200b\u200bAsus and Intel to meet the tablets

The netbooks or ultra death are touched with the advent of the tablets should be engaged. Perhaps now is a bold assertion, but I firmly believe so, at least for users who bought or thinking of an ultraportable in addition to their primary computer at home, work or take digital entertainment more convenient and manageable.

I speak of seeing shows, movies, streaming from your computer, email, social networking, web browsing and even games. Asus, the "inventor" of netbooks, has been to see very clearly the wolf ears and might be thinking of a new concept of ultraportable still cheaper. If not set, since its original Asus Eee, both the performance and price have been growing in that scene.

Facebook launches in multiple purchases

The network Facebook has launched Wednesday, March 16, a bundled service, taking the system as a site Groupon. The principle is given a promotion when several users, in this case "friends" of the Facebook network, upon request. "These tips will be available soon in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco" or several hotspots of techie culture of the United States, indicated that the social network, which boasts more than 500 million registered .

StarMax HD starts March 29

Finally it will be the 29th of March when the new satellite television platform StarMax HD of which I've been talking about this last month to begin its emissions. A few days ago met the first channels to be available, including some in high definition detail that should mark the existence of this new television offers that risk in the era of streaming TV and Freeview seated, differing from other operators for their commitment to the prepayment, no strings attached.

Acer H5360BD, 3D cinema in your living room with more support

Gradually video projectors are becoming a niche in the windows just below the 3d century. The new Acer H5360BD lands these days in Spain with extra support for the 3D DLP HDMI 1.4a, already a model compatible with the 3D Ready DLP technology for which was necessary active glasses. The Acer is not a model H5360BD FullHD but natively 720p, but since the scope for which has been designed home with a mortgage is involved, it's not bad.

'The who bet on Android does not mean that we close the door to internal developments, "Interview with Mark Larroy, Director of Marketing for Motorola Spain

Larry Bensadon, director of strategic sales of RIM in Spain has not been the only one we interviewed in relation to landscape tablet. Tech News Buzz In particular we were interested to know first hand impressions of each manufacturer on the whole batch of new devices that are about to hit stores. For this second interview we chat with Mark Larroy, Director of Marketing for Motorola Spain, we cleared some doubts about the Motorola Xoom and the strategy of the company.