Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 'bestsellers' in Kindle are ... games

Amazon has launched a campaign to promote games for e-book reader Kindle and offers in the U.S. market a range of titles at $ 0.99. Consequently, five of them are among the first eleven titles in the list of top selling titles for the Kindle digital library. A Scrabble ranks first in the best-sellers to pay Amazon.

The second is a loner. A crime novel is in third place, the first book on the list. A version of Majhong ranks fourth. A Sudoku appears in the seventh. Crosswords in The New York Times appear in the nineteenth place. All games are in that range are in the list of 100 best sellers. Interestingly, in the list of best-selling "nonfiction" the first place is not occupied by the Sudoku Scrabble.

Amazon has this campaign to promote the games, "fun and addictive" as an offer to take a break while reading. In the forums, Canada and Australia clients complain of not having access to this job. The introduction of games e-book readers seem to blur a little distance with the tablets. In fact, Amazon offers versions of its Kindle as an application for download from tablets to keep customers who have chosen this medium not initially intended for reading books.

The brightness of the screen of a tablet is a factor that causes fatigue for prolonged reading. Therefore, many models of electronic book readers do not illuminate the screen to bring the experience of reading the paper.

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