Friday, June 3, 2011

NPM renamed again

Since the announcement of the second generation PlayStation Portable has less noise than expected, probably placated by the demands faced by the company or the constant attacks on PlayStation Network. The truth is that after listing the strengths have been cutting hardware, the possibility of 3D without glasses and some name changes.

Well, this time history repeats itself, the PSP2 nicknamed started and then was named as NGP (Next Generation Portable) could have been renamed. An "error" the webmaster of the official PlayStation website would have revealed what will be the final name for the portable console that Sony presented at the next E3.

HTC Sensation 4G and priceless in USA

No doubt the HTC Sensation 4G mobile is one of the most anticipated of the year since its announcement has generated great expectations, especially for lovers of the brand. For now fans of HTC already have an idea of what this smartphone will cost as the U.S. telephone operator T-Mobile already has put a price.

The phone will be sold exclusively in the U.S. by T-Mobile starting next June 15. Will be available subsidized form of contract or credit card at a cost of $ 199.99 or 549.99 dollars. As mobile technology can not complain, although we have spoken of the most interesting mention. The HTC Sensation 4G has a 4.3 inch touchscreen, is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor speed of 1.2 GHz and runs on the Android platform Gingerbread 2.3, also has an excellent 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and autofocus.

Syria: Significant decrease in Internet traffic

Internet traffic fell sharply in Syria, Friday, June 3 While tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the regime, many users have testified on social networks and sites micromessagerie, like Twitter, they encountered difficulties to connect. According to Agence France Presse, the Internet does not work Friday morning, or Damascus or Latakia in the north-west.

Google Hacking: The United States said their "concern" to China

The U.S. administration has challenged the Chinese government to express its "concern" about the matter of piracy affecting Google, announced on Friday, June 3, the State Department. "We expressed our concern to the Chinese about these allegations, and asked them to consider them," said ministry spokesman, Mark Toner, who did not specify the level of diplomatic contact.

Washington still did not have any evidence indicating that Friday of the official accounts were hacked, "he said. According to a message posted on Google's official blog group by one of its officers, Eric Grosse, a campaign to collect passwords, user accounts Gmail was launched from the city of Jinan, the east China.

Anonymous goes on iran government servers

Anonymous hackers organization has entered the Iranian government servants and has done 10,000 messages from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Page of this ministry is down and their servers are under the control of Anonymous, according to a message sent by a member of this organization to The Next Web, broadcasting the news, to show responsibility for their actions.

The collection of stolen emails contain authorizations and denials of visas, among other correspondence. Anonymous said his attack as a reminder of the anniversary of the Iranian elections, where the opposition accused the government of fraud. Anonymousha announced a denial of service attack DDoS, who has also performed in Iran against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to protest the restrictions imposed on Greece as economic sucrisis solution.

Apple strikes a deal with Universal for icloud

Universal, editor of Lady Gaga and the major label that was missing from Apple, has reached an agreement with the company of Steve Jobs to sell their music on icloud service that Apple is likely to present on Monday. This new offering allows listening to music without downloading (streaming). Were not disclosed details of the agreement, but various media reported that Apple will take 30% of revenues.

A new assault on Sony commits data of a million Internet users

Twitter had announced a couple of days: "We are working on another operation against Sony. It's the beginning of the end for Sony." And the group has met Lulzsec threat. Announced that they have placed on the website sonypictures. com and has agreed to the data of one million Internet users. Among the information to which they are able to access from street addresses or birth dates of data associated with your accounts at Sony.

Where is the "quantification of self"?

28 and 29 May, held in Mountain View the first edition of the conference Quantified Self (QS) (which could be translated literally as "quantification is" to speak "about the capture, analysis and sharing of personal data ", explains Emmanuel Gadenne). InternetActu offers an account of the different workshops.

By observing some workshops, one might wonder what the purpose of "this measure of self". Matthew Trentacoste, a student at the University of British Columbia and led a discussion session on "Monitoring of attention" to meetings with the Quantified Self, says Ethan Zuckerman. Quite logical that he looks at strategies of concentration, because Matthew has long been diagnosed as hyperactive, that is to say, suffering from attention deficit disorder ...

Video games, consoles under attack new tablet promise miracles

In the balance between the successes of the past and the uncertainties of the future. Here's the first thing that comes to mind touching the NGP, which stands for Next Generation Portable, the powerful new PlayStation Pocket or so. Proven premiere in London, the last part of the Sony will be one of the major attractions along with 2 Wii Electronic Entertainment Show in Los Angeles which opens Tuesday.

The Skype protocol decrypted?

A Russian researcher, Efim Bushmanov says, Thursday, June 2, he cracked the Skype protocol. This protocol, used by the network of Internet telephony (VOIP) most popular is the owner and therefore has not been published by Skype, founded in 2003. "You have the unique opportunity to watch the internal protocol of Skype and its encryption system," says Bushmanov.

But, as the specialized site Naked Security, publisher of Sophos anti-virus solutions, the Russian hacker "has not yet created an alternative software compatible with Skype. However, says Mr. Bushmanov aim to "make Skype open source.

How organized Syrian dissidents

Antalya, correspondence - The day the online activists, as feared by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, have made discreet observers of political debate and wrangling between the Syrian opposition groups, meeting in Antalya, Turkey. But that night, until five o'clock in the morning, these young dissidents were in the lounge of the hotel, to refine their strategy for electronic resistance.

The computer propped on his knees, a dozen Syrian geeks from 20 to 30 years, share their findings and are calling via Skype - whose communications may be intercepted by the regime - their contacts in different Syrian cities, to collect the latest evidence. Ali, Hassan, Iyad and Michel did not know before they met on the sidelines of the conference.

Dragon Quest VI ", role-playing" old "

It took fifteen years: Dragon Quest VI, one of the few classic Japanese role-playing game that has not been a recent adaptation to consoles, was finally revised and corrected for the Nintendo DS . The end result is, however, most "reviewed" and "corrected" the mechanisms and the scenario of the original game, released for Super Famicom in late 1995, have hardly changed.

The graphics and music have them fully reviewed, and the DS version may be seen to give interest to the second screen of the portable Nintendo, which saves time in dungeons and other mazes with an overview of the Following the level. However, if this remake does not introduce major innovations, it should fill the players who do not read Japanese: Dragon Quest VI is indeed released in Japan, although an unofficial version, translated by fans English, were distributed for several years on specialized sites, and played with emulators.

Google launches a button recommendation, "Google + 1"

Google has launched Thursday, June 2, a new referral service, designed to counteract the influence of the button "Like" from Facebook. Called "+ 1", this button is available to website publishers, allowing users to recommend content online. To popularize its service, Google is planning to focus on its search engine.

"The + 1 appearing in your search results. They help you find exactly what you want through referrals from people you know," the group of Mountain View. When a user enters a query, the results that have been recommended by his contacts are in fact subject to a citation. With this new feature, Google wants above all to regain control of the "Social Web", which Facebook is the main representative, with more than 600 million subscribers.

iPhone privacy risk to the fault of the super-aggregators

A database of 75 million iPhone users, each identified by the serial number of your iPhone by (UDID). But above all, many of them link to your Facebook account, so that the code of your smartphone, virtually anonymous, can be traced back to the identity of its owner. All of this available to a single application developer, but for a long period of time, accessible to anyone via the Internet.

Sony's new victim to hackers

Lulz Security, a hacker group, announced on Thursday, entering the servers that manage the website SonyPictures. com, which poses a risk to more than one million customers Sony. SonyPictures. com offers movie trailers and information on movies or TV shows and allows users to register online to receive information.

The attack was claimed by a group calling itself "Lulz Security" on their Twitter account. "We have recently infiltrated the site SonyPictures. Com and have gained more than a million users' personal information, including passwords, email ids, addresses, dates of birth," said the pirates.

Sony's new hacker attack "A million stolen passwords"

ROME - A group of hackers announced embezzling more than a million 'password', email addresses and other personal data SonyPictures introduce into the server. com, according to online reports the BBC. The group that claimed responsibility for the act of cyber-piracy calls himself lulz Security, the same as last month said it was responsible for a raid 'information against the American Fox.

The attack on Sony follows the one brought last April against the Playstation network of the giant Japanese electronics and entertainment, when they were stolen data from about 77 million 'account'. "We recently introduced at the site of SonyPictures. Com and we made plunder more than one million of its users' personal data, including keywords, email addresses and dates of birth, have told the pirates through a message spread via Twitter.