Friday, June 3, 2011

Google Hacking: The United States said their "concern" to China

The U.S. administration has challenged the Chinese government to express its "concern" about the matter of piracy affecting Google, announced on Friday, June 3, the State Department. "We expressed our concern to the Chinese about these allegations, and asked them to consider them," said ministry spokesman, Mark Toner, who did not specify the level of diplomatic contact.

Washington still did not have any evidence indicating that Friday of the official accounts were hacked, "he said. According to a message posted on Google's official blog group by one of its officers, Eric Grosse, a campaign to collect passwords, user accounts Gmail was launched from the city of Jinan, the east China.

The attack "targets including personal Gmail accounts of hundreds of users, including senior U.S. government officials, activists, Chinese, South Korean officials, soldiers and journalists," the group's search engine. But China has held Thursday "unacceptable" to take on "responsibility" of the operation of flights passwords.

"The alleged statement saying that the Chinese government supports the cyber attacks is fabricated. It has ulterior motives," said Hong Lei, spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry.

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