Friday, June 3, 2011

A new assault on Sony commits data of a million Internet users

Twitter had announced a couple of days: "We are working on another operation against Sony. It's the beginning of the end for Sony." And the group has met Lulzsec threat. Announced that they have placed on the website sonypictures. com and has agreed to the data of one million Internet users. Among the information to which they are able to access from street addresses or birth dates of data associated with your accounts at Sony.

The pirates also claim to have committed management data from Sony Pictures, such as passwords, 75,000 music codes and 3.5 million music vouchers. The lack of money, they say, prevents them from showing all this content but announced they will offer a sample of the spoils. The note commented that they have gained access through an unsophisticated assault, given the vulnerability provided by the site attacked.

Lulzsec states possess also databases Sony BMG Belgium and Holland. This group is considered responsible for the recent attack on a website of Sony in Japan. Also a computer attack was attributed to U.S. public television in protest at a story on Wikileaks. Sony suffered an attack in April that allowed the intruders to access the data of 70 million customers of the PlayStation Network.

In parallel to this assault, committed data also saw about 30 million Internet users of Sony Online. Sony closed both services, which has restored this week after, according to the company, reviewing security arrangements. This assault was the most notable, but after this first episode, other Sony sites in Japan and Thailand, suffered minor computer attacks.

Sony revealed that the assailants left the motto Anonymous on its servers, but that group denied its involvement. Sony's problems have been triggered since appeared in court against a young American, alias Geohot, who had unlocked the PlayStation 3. Sony's claim of imprisoning the boy raised the solidarity of the hacker community.

Although the company reached an agreement with the defendant, gives the impression that that community has not forgiven.

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