Friday, June 3, 2011

Sony's new victim to hackers

Lulz Security, a hacker group, announced on Thursday, entering the servers that manage the website SonyPictures. com, which poses a risk to more than one million customers Sony. SonyPictures. com offers movie trailers and information on movies or TV shows and allows users to register online to receive information.

The attack was claimed by a group calling itself "Lulz Security" on their Twitter account. "We have recently infiltrated the site SonyPictures. Com and have gained more than a million users' personal information, including passwords, email ids, addresses, dates of birth," said the pirates.

"Lulz Security" ["Lulz", a corruption of "LOL" - "laughing out loud" laughing - and means a deliberately bad joke against a designated victim] was published on the Internet lists, accessible to all, containing thousands of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses with passwords, coupons and other data.

Pirates say it is a small part of what they had access to the site from Sony. Their site hosts other lists of data, which seem to be the result of previous attacks. One of these lists disclose full details, according to the group of hackers, candidates for reality TV show X-Factor. Sony has recently had several security issues.

The group has notably discovered in April that hackers broke into its network of online gaming with PlayStation Network, and had stolen data from more than 77 million accounts. The attack against PlayStation is considered the most serious Internet history. She forced the giant consumer electronics to close the PlayStation Network and other services for a month.

Sony could not be reached immediately. Sony had not confirmed the attack Thursday night. "We consider these claims," said a statement from the vice-president of Sony Pictures Entertainment (a subsidiary of Sony), Jim Kennedy. Security Luzl claimed Sunday's attack against the website of the U.S.

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