Friday, June 3, 2011

The Skype protocol decrypted?

A Russian researcher, Efim Bushmanov says, Thursday, June 2, he cracked the Skype protocol. This protocol, used by the network of Internet telephony (VOIP) most popular is the owner and therefore has not been published by Skype, founded in 2003. "You have the unique opportunity to watch the internal protocol of Skype and its encryption system," says Bushmanov.

But, as the specialized site Naked Security, publisher of Sophos anti-virus solutions, the Russian hacker "has not yet created an alternative software compatible with Skype. However, says Mr. Bushmanov aim to "make Skype open source.

This announcement comes two weeks after the U.S. giant Microsoft has signed an agreement with Skype to its purchase price of $ 8.5 billion (5.9 billion euros). Faced with the possible arrival of an open source clone of Skype, "it remains to answer is how the Redmond company," warns Naked Security. The blog specializes in particular recalls the case of the pirate GeoHot pursued by Sony, after he bypassed the digital locks to the Playstation 3.

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