Friday, June 3, 2011

Video games, consoles under attack new tablet promise miracles

In the balance between the successes of the past and the uncertainties of the future. Here's the first thing that comes to mind touching the NGP, which stands for Next Generation Portable, the powerful new PlayStation Pocket or so. Proven premiere in London, the last part of the Sony will be one of the major attractions along with 2 Wii Electronic Entertainment Show in Los Angeles which opens Tuesday.

The E3 is the event for the videogame market, which now moves $ 51 billion and is expected to exceed 80 in 2016, at least according to Strategy Analytics. But the real question is not so much the growth rates, as the name of the companies that dominate this business in five years.
With everything that's happening in the field of consumer electronics, iPad phenomenon in mind, it is reasonable to expect profound changes. The new PlayStation. "During the development phase of the NGP, in Los Angeles say the official name, price and launch date: was the question we asked more often," said Shuhei Yoshida, head of all of Sony's development studios.

"Each of us has a smartphone, and everyone buys a lot of applications are games. The NGP offers something unique, however, that smartphones do not have and will never have: the same kind of feeling of the home console, immediately comprehensible to the millions of fans series such as Call of Duty and Uncharted.

And we added a five-inch touchscreen and a touch surface on the back with which it can interact. In addition to the two analog sticks that, in fact, they recreate the same experience of a PlayStation. " In fact, playing such a WipEout 2048 or Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the graphics quality is impressive.

Even when you connect your console to a TV 32 "the impact is considerable: dynamic lighting environments, depth, number of moving parts in one scene. It almost seems to have on hand a 5-inch screen linked wirelessly to any computer and the person on the 4-core Cortex A9, which has nothing to envy to the processor for mainstream PCs.

Funny Little Deviants as also some experiments where you change the playing field by passing the finger over the back of the PlayStation to move a ball. Then there's GPS, the sim card door while the games may be purchased online or on SD memory cards from owning 4 or 8gb. The only feature that the end does not seem to be so useful is its touch screen, too imprecise as synthem control on a display of gender and video games as sophisticated.

The super tablet. But the doubts, the real ones, arise when you look away from Nathan Drake, the protagonist of Uncharted to look elsewhere. More precisely, in a video circulating on the Web called Glowball by a handful of days. Covers the miraculous powers of the next chip for smartphones and Tablet nVidia Tegra the heir of two, for now called Kal-El, Superman's first name.

Based on ARM architecture, has 4 cores and is coupled to a graphics chip with 12 cores. Coming onto the market before Christmas was added to two or three tablets of known manufacturers of consumer electronics with Android operating system. In short, if you wanted to know what you can do the iPad 3 of Apple and its cousins, the movie gives nVidia a pretty good idea.

The forecasts on sales and are equally clear: according to IDC in 2012 will be purchased 70 million against the tablet 40, 2011. By 2015 we are talking about 140 million pieces. Science Fiction for the console. The first PlayStation Portable, which has achieved a good result, was sold in almost 70 million copies, but in 7 years, while the Wii, the Queen among the machines from home, is at an altitude of 90 million copies sold placed in five seasons .

Nintendo and Microsoft. I wonder then Nintendo has to keep Serbia in the top. The technical specifications for Project Café (Wii 2) are known and they talk about a very powerful console. Little is known, however, the control system that will be the center of everything. According to the rumors seem to have a touch screen built into the controller, maybe even a webcam, along with the inevitable movement sensors.

Tuesday 7 am to six pm (Italian time) responses. For the multinational Kyoto is a complicated time, match what has been done in recent years will be difficult, as it is a fact of the decline in sales of dry Wii and Ds. Microsoft on the other hand (his conference is scheduled for Monday) seems to want to focus only on gaming.

Starting with a new Halo, the racing game Forza Motorsport 4 and then the Action Gear of War 3. But some people think that going beyond showing the power of its next console through the demonstration of graphics engines like Epic's Unreal Engine 3. Video games. "This year in Los Angeles we will make major announcements for our PlayStation 3," says Yoshida.

"It's a still very far from having reached its full potential." Translated: No PlayStation 4 per hour, although Sony has admitted having taken the design phase. Yet despite the optimism of Yoshida, the high-profile new titles and never seen before should not be then a lot of the Electronic Entertainment Show 2011.

In addition to those in the photo gallery, there will be 3 of Bioware Mass Effect, a sci-fi saga's final chapter in the narrative structure that has its strong point. Certainly a new chapter of Hitman and one of Need For Speed, Fable Kinect version, maybe Agent and the new Max Payne from Rockstar.

Possible, but who knows how likely, the Valve Half Life 3. Certainly you will see little or nothing about the new Metal Gear Solid home console. Hideo Kojima, the creator will not be in Los Angeles. It should not even be Fumito Ueda, creator of The Last Guardian. For them, evidently the real date this year is the Tokyo Game Show in mid-September.

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