Friday, June 3, 2011

Apple strikes a deal with Universal for icloud

Universal, editor of Lady Gaga and the major label that was missing from Apple, has reached an agreement with the company of Steve Jobs to sell their music on icloud service that Apple is likely to present on Monday. This new offering allows listening to music without downloading (streaming). Were not disclosed details of the agreement, but various media reported that Apple will take 30% of revenues.

58% will be for record companies and 12% for the publisher of the item. Although present on Monday, it is possible that his entry into operation is later for technical reasons. Apple has given no details, but it is likely that the service is initially open for free and then charge a subscription of about $ 25 annually.

Apple is negotiating the inclusion of advertising to monetize it. Along with music, icloud is ready for viewing movies and TV series, but in this field talks with producers are lagging. icloud is also designed as a virtual store but did not initially appear to be used with files that have not been purchased from iTunes.

In any case, is expected to Monday to keep details of the project. Apple's alternative differs from those already proposed by Amazon and Google. These companies have launched their storage platform without negotiating licenses with record labels so they can not offer their songs, only support the storage of songs already available to the surfer.

This week in the registration of Internet domains, and Apple figure as head of the icloud. com. This is a domain that had previously belonged to a Swedish company. It is speculated that the purchase of the Apple has cost $ 4.5 million.

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