Friday, June 3, 2011

Dragon Quest VI ", role-playing" old "

It took fifteen years: Dragon Quest VI, one of the few classic Japanese role-playing game that has not been a recent adaptation to consoles, was finally revised and corrected for the Nintendo DS . The end result is, however, most "reviewed" and "corrected" the mechanisms and the scenario of the original game, released for Super Famicom in late 1995, have hardly changed.

The graphics and music have them fully reviewed, and the DS version may be seen to give interest to the second screen of the portable Nintendo, which saves time in dungeons and other mazes with an overview of the Following the level. However, if this remake does not introduce major innovations, it should fill the players who do not read Japanese: Dragon Quest VI is indeed released in Japan, although an unofficial version, translated by fans English, were distributed for several years on specialized sites, and played with emulators.

Dragon Quest VI is based on a classic scenario: You play a young villagers sent a quest trivial, until Tech News Buzz turns into chaos because of the actions of the disaster Meurtor. But what has really happened? You will need to reconstruct the pieces of the puzzle to understand the sinister designs of the big bad, and traveling from city to city to perform missions, find travel companions, and ...

making experience. RAISE POINTS EXPERIENCE RPG (role playing game, RPG) Japanese pure juice, Dragon Quest VI can be particularly frustrating for players unaccustomed to the genre. The difficulty curve has nothing to do with the newer games: a dungeon that seems impossible to cross become a walkover after half an hour spent chasing monsters to gain experience and buy new weapons and armor.

Similarly, and without falling into the excesses of the first Japanese RPG, the player can quickly get stuck without knowing where to go or what to do. It will then methodically explore the city where he is to speak to all people, to fall on the person who will indicate the way forward.

These stages of exploration would be very tedious if Square-Enix had not taken particular care to non-player characters and their dialogues, translated with care, and often throw new light on the scenario. "We wanted to ensure that the player does not speak to one person. The characters are all involved in history," explaining to GamasutraYuji Horii, the creator of the series.

"When something happens in a village is all the villagers who are affected by the incident." The care taken in the atmosphere and the great stories makes the quest for Dragon Quest VI particularly pleasant, despite the inevitable frustrating moments. A quality all the more significant as the exploration of the Kingdom of dreams will be long, forcing Japanese RPG: count dozens of hours to settle his account Meurtor evil ...

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