Friday, July 1, 2011

Malware TDL4: criminals brushes army of zombie computers to

Trojan Downloader 3, TDL3 short, is one of the most notorious malware on the Web. The computer software attacks, bypass security barriers, removes competing malware and can be remotely controlled remotely via an encrypted commands. In this way can be called without the knowledge of computer owners construct botnets - armies of giant computers that will be used to send spam or for the infamous DDoS attacks on other servers.

The TDL3 operators have turned it into a business. They sublet their army of zombie computers to the highest bidder. A few months ago, the experts made the anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky a remarkable discovery: suddenly appeared on computers TDL3 modified versions. The programs were so well adapted that it could be only one explanation: The TDL3 developers hired their malicious software to stop, they continued to sell well as the valuable source code to other criminals.

Now it is also clear why TDL3 came on the Grabbeltisch: The people had long been a better product in the portfolio. TDL4 should consider their new malware all known malicious programs in criminal and commercial uses his two employees Kaspersky judge in a recently published analysis. Warning of the "indestructible botnet" TDL4 serves the same purpose as the previous works, but far more sophisticated.

The verdict of the Kaspersky researchers Sergey Golovanov and Igor Soumenkov: TDL4 is "currently the most sophisticated threat" in the network, the creators were working on a "botnet indestructible." Until now belong to power TDL4 least 4.5 million zombie computers worldwide - there are now far more likely.

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