Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Google plus" convincing and challenge Facebook

There is no confirmation about that, but you can bet that at this time Mark Zuckerberg is very worried his dream of world domination is in front on social networks, all of a sudden, a fierce competitor, and now also the target a triumph in the bag for Facebook, it could fail miserably. Google, the search engine giant, after various tests - with disappointing results - on the road of the Web "social" is really serious.

His social network, Google + (to read "Google Plus"), announced earlier this week, is online. The users can still enter: Access is restricted to Google employees and a small circle of people "invited" to test it (among these, we found the same Zuckerberg, with several members of his staff are ready to study the counter-moves, for a bit 'is also a certain Steve Jobs appeared but soon disappeared).

Among the lucky "testers" and we found ourselves, after a few sessions on this new social network, we tell you immediately that the new project of Big G, convincing. It seems that the shares of Mountain View have studied for years with Facebook, giving ear to the complaints, however, users like the least about what the site blue, adding some winning features of tools like Twitter and embedding, finally, all the "world" Google .

Google Plus at first glance looks like Zuckerberg's site. Each user (an account Gmailèsufficienteperentrare) has its own profile with information, photos, work experience, personal situation (there is also an option geolocation). And each user has a bulletin board where you can publish status, photos, links, videos.

The fundamental difference with Facebook is, however, that Google + does not need to ask "friendship" to someone, anyone can view our profile and vice versa. Everything is open for all, then? No, on the contrary, and this is new. Because of Google Plus the contacts are organized into "circles": the departure are "Friends", "Family", "Acquaintances", "People I follow", but you can add more, titration as you want (for example " colleagues ";" soccer mates ", etc..).

When we publish an update on our profile, we are forced to choose with whom to share it circles. A personal state of mind we can share it with friends ("your true friends, those with whom you share details of your private life," is the caption), a report, with "colleagues", a funny video, with "acquaintances "(you can also choose the most circles).

But there's more: a blogger, or a person with a follow on and off line (for example, a politician, or a singer), may decide that some are for all content posted by simply selecting post "public", and these will be visible to all users of Google Plus here is that some of the updates is transformed into something very similar to Twitter.

It must be said, moreover, that we will be informed if someone is following us, but we will not know what "circle" has put us: he will see our updates without knowing what was excluded (because maybe it is in the circle "colleagues" and not see the post addressed to "friends"). Google + is a social networking 3.0: "Share online as in your real life," is the slogan chosen by Mountain View in real life, in fact, do not you share with your family that you share with friends (while on Face-book , all "friends" are on the same floor).

But the news are also others. The site has Gmail chat, complete with video, there is an option definitely innovative "videoritrovo", which allows you to start a live streaming interactive with your webcam to share with "circles" and there are updates other users ("stream"), also organized by the "circles" and "ideas": you select an interest, for example, "Done" or "Series A" and access to all updates to about.

Each post on the bulletin board + Google also says it is-bile, and you can use shared key +1 expressing satisfaction that, in the case of a link will be displayed outside, next to the search results when searching on Google. Last two features: the Feedback button always available to send views and get in touch with the Google team (Facebook has always been very difficult to contact the site managers), and mobile applications for Android is available, those for Other platforms will follow soon.

It should be added to a final overall impression: Google Plus, nestled in Google, you get the impression that you have everything under control: our things, those of friends, but also the classic functions: search, Gmail, YouTube, and all that we are interested in the Network is at hand (very convenient, perhaps too much: as if our digital lives were Google).

First impressions of the new online social network users are positive. And yesterday, Google the title on Wall Street gained almost 3 percent. Mark Zuckerberg announced the landing of his Facebook stock market in early 2012. Some analysts gave the website blue star to the value of 100 billion dollars.

Now, as rosy forecasts will have to take the test. We're not giving Facebook up for lost yesterday's founder announced "new unbeatable."

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