Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google launches online music service

The U.S. internet group Google has launched Tuesday, May 10, a service offering music online, available initially only on invitation and who can "download a music collection to listen everywhere." Called simply "Music", the system works like Amazon's Cloud Drive, which launched in late March a service for storing video and music online that allows users to create online collections of music or videos, which it can access from any computer, telephone or multimedia shelf.

Unlike the service of Amazon Music will offer a beta offline to listen to the latest tracks played, even without Internet access. The free service will handle up to twenty thousand pieces per user, but is currently restricted to users American, and only by invitation. Google did not specify in what time frame the service would be extended.

Like Amazon, Google launched the service without signing a special agreement with record companies, ruling that this system of "personal jukebox" did not require their approval to operate. The beneficiaries do not understand it quite well, including Sony had announced it was studying the possibility of legal action against Amazon.

For its part, Apple has chosen to go through agreements with major publishers, and may propose his own system of streaming in the coming months. VOD MOVIES IN ON ANDROID Beyond this announcement, the search has also revealed several important developments in its operating system for mobile phones and tablets, Android.

According to Google, a hundred million phones in use Android News Tech Buzz, with some four hundred thousand new activations per day. The Android market, the system of distribution and sale of software for Android, will particularly get closer to iTunes offering movie rentals for U.S. users for two to four dollars per film.

Several thousands of films from the catalogs of Universal, Sony and Warner Bros. will be available at launch. Most original, the search engine unveiled @ home project, a set of tools for Android devices to function as a universal remote for all compatible devices: Google TV shelves and of course, but also systems lighting or irrigation, provided that manufacturers will integrate the tools offered by Google.

Finally, Google has presented the first images of the next version of Android, dubbed "Ice cream sandwich. In addition to new 3D features, this release will mark the end of the fragmentation of the operating system through updates standardized. Currently, the touch pads Android mainly use a specific version and optimized versions for different phone.

Ice cream sandwich should mark the end of this fragmentation that worries developers, forcing them to make their software compatible with three, four, or five versions of the operating system from Google.

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