Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NATO wants to arm themselves against hackers

The Atlantic Alliance wants to strengthen its defense capabilities against computer attacks with the creation of a "cyberéquipe red," he said, Wednesday, June 8, a NATO expert at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia. "NATO plans to have a 'red cyberéquipe' that would greatly improve its defense capabilities, identifying gaps and deficiencies in the technical solutions and procedures for handling incidents," said Luc Dandurand, expert the NATO C3 Agency.

According to the software company Symantec, the number of attacks on the World Wide Web in 2010 jumped 93% over 2009. "The need for such a team is obvious. We must assess in particular the extent of damage that can cause computer attacks on the military level," he added. NATO DOES NOT BREACH PRIVACY Mr. Dandurand has stressed the need to address the issues of legality and impact on the privacy of the solutions sought before the implementation of the cyberéquipe NATO. "The two main issues identified at this stage relate to the need to legitimize the activities of the red cyberéquipe to prevent them from being perceived as a malicious or unauthorized use of computer systems, and the potential risk of injury to life result in private, "he said during the conference that brings together experts in Tallinn three hundred thirty-seven countries.

The "red team" could carry out simulations of threats and control readiness to address them, monitor networks, collect and use publicly available information from open sources, but also lead to DoS attacks Service cons networks or specific services, says Dandurand. "Cyber attacks against Estonia in spring 2007 during the Russian operation in Georgia in 2008 and many others we have seen since around Tech Buzz News showed us that we are dealing with a new kind of war can cause much damage, "said British General Jonathan Shaw.

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