Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook extends its face recognition service

The social network Facebook has begun to expand, Tuesday, June 7, the facial recognition system in the photographs, to facilitate the identification of persons therein. After a test phase last year in the U.S., the device is now available in "most of the countries" where Facebook is implanted, said the social network.

"When you want to upload photos of your cousin's wedding, we will group all the images of the bride and her name suggest. Instead of writing 64 times, the only thing you have to do is to click" save " , to annotate all the photos at once, "says Facebook's official blog. The social network, which explains that 100 million images are annotated every day, says that this feature can be disabled if the user wants, by changing the privacy settings of the profile.

MANY CONCERNS The deployment of this technology also raises concerns, first because it seems to be made by default, and must be disabled manually. For the computer security company Sophos, "Most Facebook users still do not know how to set privacy options, finding the entire system confusing.

Other systems, such as Google's Picasa, iPhoto and Apple's use of facial recognition, but the problem is more acute for a company name with more than 500 million subscribers, note the protection associations privacy as the Electronic PrivacyInformation Center (EPIC). Quoted by Reuters, Marc Rotenberg, president of EPIC, is also concerned that the personal data of users, such as email addresses, may be associated with photographs annotated in databases Facebook.

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