Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today, global test of IPv6 Internet

Today is proof of global Internet protocol IPv6. So far, the network has worked, and continues with the IPv4 protocol, but all the available addresses have already been distributed to the five regions with the authority responsible for its distribution, IANA, divide the world. In Europe is expected to award the contract runs out this year.

The growth of Internet connected machines and the idea of Internet of Things, in which any device must have its own address on the network, makes the demand for addresses from multiplying. This problem is solved by IPv6. To test its efficiency, today, more than 900 organizations that have Web sites from Yahoo Facehook to serve your pages under IPv6.

About 500 are already working with both long and 400 protocols enable IPv6 today. An estimated 99.95% of Internet users can access them if your carrier is not ready for IPv6 as most operating systems if they are, and a tunneling system allows pages to access IPv6. It is estimated that only 0.05% will fail the system and Internet users will only see a blank page.

Google, for example, opened a page where the surfer can make an online test to see if your computer is ready for IPv6, or in any case, you can connect without problems. This day has been prepared to attract attention, especially operators and enterprises, on the need to prepare for the transition to IPv6.

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