Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Web giants are testing IPv6

Several major Web companies like Google, Facebook and Akamai, participate, Wednesday, June 8, the "Day of IPv6. For 24 hours, these groups, but also over 400 other participants, test in real conditions, this new version of Internet Protocol (IP) which allows computers to communicate over the Internet.

Thirty years after the creation of the first Internet addresses, the stock of available IP addresses has been officially sold out in February, and IPv6, is designed to remedy. With the proliferation of connected devices, cameras to multimedia tablet through the video game, Tech News Buzz has hit the ceiling of the four billion addresses available under IPv4.

SLOW TRANSITION The transition to IPv6, that most users should not even notice, provides sextillions Address 340, or 340 multiplied by 10 to the power 36. The effort and investment required to switch to IPv6 based primarily on service providers, who must ensure that their networks can handle these new addresses and routing traffic.

But according to an OECD study published in April 2010, the road is still long for the new protocol is widely adopted. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development last year, only 1% of sites managed IPv6.

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