Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nintendo Wii introduces U, the successor to the Wii

The supplement takes more importance than the device itself. The staff of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, the magician of the factory, and Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, spoke during the presentation in a packed Nokia Theatre. It was time to reveal what lies behind the 'Project Café. The new console, which keeps the line current design of the Wii, called Wii U.

Little is known of it, only been able to see an image that they see a device that resembles a horizontal current Wii and whose design resembles a MacMini. What I have been taught in great detail is the command of the same: with a 6.2 inch screen in the center, two analog sticks on the sides, the four buttons and the classic crosshead trigger buttons.

It will have front and rear camera, for the first videoconferencing, through its speaker and microphone, the second to take advantage of increasingly strong trend for augmented reality. The console can send the information to the screen game to beat the TV. You can also send the content of the tablet while surfing on TV to share with other household members.

All additions to the Wii will be compatible with the new format, but games. So a player can use the tablet and another classic Wii Remote in the same game. What you can not turn the knob is handheld, but will have to be within the range of the base. Ignores not only the price but also the release date, which is between April and December 2012.

Another question to unveil will be the autonomy of the screen control as well as how to load. There was great expectation to know the new Nintendo machine. Although it has been revealed in the mystery, not knowing what will be the core of it generated even more curiosity. Some of the first titles announced for this new device will be Lego City Stories, Super Smash Bros., Batman and Ninja Gaiden 3.

The other big bet is Nintendo 3DS control with classic games like Mario Kart, Kid Icarius, Super Mario and Luigi's Mansion. Arrive throughout the year. The DS can be updated to take active and expected Internet browser, an option that came pre-installed but unused as possible, and store content that extends the range of games and possibilities.

eShop and the known WiiWare will be the two places to download both Game Boy games old, to let us view greens fitting pieces in Tetris, as GameBoyColor and Nintendo DSi, a way to integrate all formats of pocket. Nintendo's CEO expressed his willingness to use this online platform to go further by showing games and free versions, one more way of user loyalty in times of pirate threats.

Zelda turns 25. This deserves a celebration mythical adventure from Nintendo. For this give away a game, Four Swords, based on the adventures of Link, for download from Nintendo 3DS, where they can play up to four people at once. With the intention more marked in the Japanese home video game to do more than just a fun, Zelda orchestra around the world will interpret the chords and melodies in the series.

May not be as catchy as Mario but they are much more epic and immersive.

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