Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kingston extends the capabilities of our gadgets

Storage is and always will be one of the strengths of any technological gadget. Considering the multimedia capabilities of tablets or smartphones, some with HD quality, is more than obvious that the storage space will be readily used. Kingston knows and has therefore presented an alternative, it is the new Wi-Drive, an accessory that will allow us to forget about storage for a while.

The Wi-Drive is a kind of "external hard drive" designed specifically for mobile gadgets such as tablets or smartphones. It aims to provide a simple, no wires, no hassles, for all mobile device users. Wi-Drive has a compact design with some measures 121.5 × 61.8 × 9.8 mm which will allow us to store it in any bag or pocket.

Operation via Wi-Fi connectivity will allow us to expand between 16 and 32 GB capacity of our gadget using the new NAND company. The only problem the new Kinngston Wi-Drive is its price, the same range between 130 and 175 dollars in the U.S. market.

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