Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Groupon flies in the bag, the new trend is to buy local social and

To land on Wall Street has offered its customers a day at the beauty farm at 19 € instead of 100, a meal in a restaurant to a third of the price of the menu and granted a seat at the hairdresser of 40 €. Let's talk about Groupon, the purchase of local community that following the entry of the social network LinkedIn for professionals, decided to land on the Stock Exchange.

And as a listed company the goal is already clear: to earn just $ 750 million and for the founders to bring home a haul of $ 7 billion. An ambitious goal, however, encouraged by the short history of Groupon who jumped from a turnover of 3.3milioni dollars in 2009 to land at 644.7 in the first quarter of 2011.

Even Google late last year had suggested the purchase and was prepared to take over the platform of social deal for $ 6 billion. That shortly after the offer has been insufficient. But the rejection did not stop the colossus of Mountain View, sensing the potential of business and sales, has launched Google Offers, a site clone of Groupon to facilitate a meeting between local customers and service providers on the web.

More precisely, by sending e-mail promotions and contacts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Buzz. It is currently available only in some American cities, but in the coming months, Google may decide to extend it to other countries. Always careful to enter the business that matters, 'Big G' had already sensed the deal for months: the mechanism discounted purchase online, in fact, works very well.

And especially in times of crisis, in which savings is the watchword. The trend of social Groupon deal of fact, in Italy is revolutionizing e-commerce market and great success. The Casaleggio & Associates in its annual report on electronic commerce released in April 2011 recognized the role of community leaders to buy "in 2010 - is set out in the report - e-commerce in Italy grew more in two digits (+43 % compared to 2009), where the increase is due not only to a physiological growth and a wider spread of the Net, even the entry of new global players such as Amazon and Groupon, both in terms of total volumes of polarization that is felt in the next two years with the absorption, or the disappearance of many national realities of medium and small.

"And to chase the success of Google Offers Groupon after we check out Amazon and in the city of Boise, Idaho has just launched Amazon Local. Also in this case it is social deal, with discounts equal to or greater than 50%. The tests in Idaho, however, could expand to all countries where Amazon operates, and consequently also in Italy.

The landing on the stock market meanwhile is awaited with trepidation by others socialnetwork including Pandora, the world's most popular Web radio, and Twitter. Facebook, however, has not yet expressed any desire to land on Wall Street. According to preliminary estimates by analysts, Groupon could come to be assessed $ 20 billion.

A figure which if confirmed after entering the world of quotes becomes a record initial public offering (IPO) for a social network.

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