Friday, June 10, 2011

The media will soon open their prices on the Apple platform

with and Bloomberg - Apple will relax trade rules that are binding on the media that publish on its supports. A spokesman for the U.S. computer giant confirmed on Thursday the Dow Jones Newswires information Web site MacRumors. Apple will no longer require publishers of newspapers, magazines or news websites that provide content to its iPhone and iPod Touch iPad a subscription fee or less than that on other platforms.

Content providers are therefore now free to charge as they please. This rule discontent media who complained about their low margins, Apple keeping 30% of turnover on the App Store, the online shop for media applications Apple. Furthermore, also confirmed the spokesman, the group decided to allow the media to deliver content to users pay without going through Apple's App Store.

The Financial Times and posted on June 7 an application that allows users of iPhone and iPad consult their contents by bypassing the App Store. The MacRumors site says it has obtained a copy of the new conditions of entry on the platform and indicates that the only terms imposed by Apple as of 30 June will be a ban on programming platform App Store a "buy" button that leads to an external subscriber.

The spokesman of the Apple brand, quoted by Dow Jones Newswires, refused to explain the reasons for this change.

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