Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots in London: BlackBerry-maker wants to help the police

Rioters have agreed to meet in London with Blackberry messages? It wants to find the British police. Smart phones are widespread among young people of the brand. Now the producer promised his help - but the chat messages are encrypted. London - If something happens somewhere in the world of the format of the current rioting in London, it usually does not take long to know until someone thinks: This movement was created on Facebook or Twitter.

In England there are signs now point out that the young rioters communicate primarily via the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) writes, paid content. The messages are then sent it passed, according to "Guardian" via social media. Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has already announced that they will support the London police.

A third of British young people use a recent Ofcom study found a Blackberry smartphone - the great advantage of the Blackberry chat services: Unlike Facebook and Twitter are not the most messages from the authorities persecuted because they are sent encrypted. Messenger messages, the content-paid employees should have been shown by several sources suggest that over the weekend BBM targeted supporters were rounded up and sought to foment unrest in common in many parts of the city of London.

RIM aims to support at the worrying development in England's capital, the police in their investigations. How much do the group but actually is and may be questionable. The encryption technology from RIM services, especially e-mail, is a safe city. The company has repeatedly stressed that he had no access to it.
The government fears that extremists could use the technique for preparing attacks.

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