Friday, July 29, 2011

Google to open a paid service to speed up web pages

Google today introduced a new service, but this time they have to pay. This is Page Speed Service and promises to optimize the customer site to your query is made faster, giving an acceleration between 25 and 60% higher than the other sites. As explained in the corporate blog, you must join the site to an address in Google, from which to rewrite the code of the content for faster viewing and then be displayed to visitors of the site from the servers of the company.

The site will retain its original URL. Among the works to optimize the page that will include the compression of images to cache certain coordinates or take advantage of compression on the server. Google provides some evidence to document their promises. But the service warns of some important limitations.

You can not work with https sites whose connection is secured and used, for example, by the banks to give customers access to their personal accounts. Nor can try the service sites hosted on Blogger, among others, or operate on Flash content or files that are accessible in streaming. For some time, Google has proposed different solutions to improve the query speed of the web pages from the publication of a module for the Apache Web server tools for the page creator can evaluate your results and make changes recommended.

But the novelty now is that the service charges. For now, Google has not provided selectively charges and offers a number of developers.

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