Thursday, June 23, 2011

If you have no Internet connection, the Chromebook not worth much of anything

This laptop presented tonight in London between fanfare, designed by Google, and manufactured by Samsung, is only justified if he contracted with a 3G internet connection. And Chromebook not come free.

Chromebook is a laptop attached to a browser. No desk. No hard drive. No programs. No slot for the DVD. Why, then someone is going to pay it? Because according Seokpil Kim, President of Samsung Europe Chromebook 5 series is quick, easy and secure.

It's true. Sudar Pichai, Google vice president, extended somewhat in the presentation he was invited this newspaper. Chromebook is instant, 10 second start, is always connected, if you pay. Battery for all day access to your stuff everywhere, instantly update and security. "Until now the user was the one responsible for updating programs and operating systems."

In case of lost, forgotten or stolen, nothing happens, because all files are not really stored in the computer but the cloud on the Internet. When we say everything means everything. There is no alternative or choice. The working documents, family photos, e particular .... everything is in the cloud.

Chromebook does not have a desktop with folders favorites. The desktop is the browser, "is the platform," said Pichai, the only essential element of the device, without him was not working. The cloud is also all that is needed at the time, such as a spreadsheet and a photo editing program.

This advantage is its major flaw, because if we do not have Internet access we were in limbo. Even if we subscribed to a 3G connection to always be connected anywhere at any time, experience shows that, as yet about the electrical service sometimes fails, and fails at the most inopportune time.

In the case of Chromebook that means we can not see pictures of the party, or hear your favorite music, or continue reading the book. Just goes offline mail, calendar and Google Docs. The rest is lost.

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