Monday, May 23, 2011

Three dead in an explosion at the factory Foxconn

Three days after an explosion at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu (China), the death of a third worker was confirmed, and the operator of the plant where the accident occurred has announced the closure of some shops for security checks. The workshop where the explosion occurred was used for polishing shells iPad tablet from Apple.

Foxconn, the largest subcontractor of electronics manufacturers, including working for Apple, Sony or Hewlett-Packard. On Friday, an explosion attributed to dust chemical had killed two people and injured sixteen others. A third victim died from his injuries over the weekend, and nine people remain hospitalized.

Foxconn, which has twelve complex in China, closed all of its polishing workshops for about a week, pending security checks. The company claims that all its plants will operate normally using stocks of previously manufactured products. According to the website dedicated Micadget, Chinese police have imposed a strict blockade of the media around the plant.

Journalists from the official Xinhua agency had their cameras destroyed by police and their cameras confiscated.

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