Monday, May 23, 2011

In the company of social networking revolution and 'the moment of Weconomy

LONDON - Facebook, Skype, Youtube: at work no time for distraction, but rather tools that are revolutionizing the positive relationships between colleagues and between companies, encouraging collaboration and transparency. E 'shown by a survey that will be presented May 24 in Milan, at the Weconomy Day, organized by Logotel and the Center of the Tertiary Education Management (CFMT).

According to the survey, carried out by CFMT, and involved a sample of over 1,000 services firms and trade, 20% of Italian companies in the service sector uses the social network platforms. The company is most widely used in Skype (48%), followed by Linkedin (36.8%), Facebook (29.8%), YouTube (26.4%), and finally by the wiki platforms (19%) and blogs (17.3%).

Percentage will increase in the near future. Many managers are convinced that the use of those tools that have been defined "weconomy," that is shared economy, can only benefit the company. "In the economic model that is catching on - explain analysts CFMT research center founded in 1994 by Confcommercio and Manageritalia - that summed up the contemporary trend of sharing and participation, the old Fordist enterprise based on a vision and self-centered management has nothing to tell, no resources to engage employees, suppliers and customers.

The company's future is rather that the democratization processes, and promotes co-design this most precious collective critical mass of talent to create value in global networks. "In other words, new technology platforms can also contribute to the emergence of talent within the companies.

"From the bottom edge, web 2.0, social networks, are facilitating the digital generation and imposing new practices," writes Giuliano Favini, CEO of Logotel, in the preface of Weconomy, Isaac Mao, the book theorizes that this evolution of the structure of companies, a trend that has been called "sharismo." However, because the social network platforms adopted within the company can really give these positive results, you must follow a set of rules .

According to the survey of CFMT, managers should first consider that "clearly the promise of the platform to tell the participants" (69%), "to ensure a thorough and transparent decisions on key financial metrics" (58.8%) and " or elect to create a community governance board, so as to guide and review major policy and strategic decisions (45.9%).

"Co-operation" (52%) and Co-working (42%) are the key, according to the managers interviewed, the 'collaborative enterprise. " Which also promotes the "transparency of the criteria for evaluating results and professionalism" (58%), recruitment based on merit professional (41%) and participation in risk large enough (35%).

52% of managers surveyed also said they have taken tools "training more engaging and shared, and it led to the collective creativity (26%). Cooperation is also outside, to other undertakings, has promoted this type of network for 49.7% of respondents. Percentages too optimistic? In fact, in Italy, organizers admit Weconomy Day, we talk very little about these new trends.

And probably the turning impressed by the use of social networking company is still moving very first steps. However, the CFMT, in addition to initiate discussion on this issue with the day of 24, aims to promote a tour within the Italian companies to introduce "the new collaboration tools."

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