Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mac, iPhone and the world of "cloud" Jobs will unveil new software

Apple is about to roar again. And to release the new operating system "Lion" of the cage will be the same Steve Jobs. There will be him on stage, surprisingly, as announced today the same house in Cupertino, "Apple CEO Steve Jobs and a team of managers will kick off the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address is scheduled for Monday June 6 at 10:00.

At that time Apple will present its next-generation software: Lion, the eighth major release of Mac OS X in online at the company, already has a preview; iOS 5, the new version dell'evoluto mobile operating system at the base of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and icloud, the provision of services cloud coming from Apple.

" In short, an innovation after another. Although all more or less widely announced online. But the most surprising, once again, is that there will he, the guru, Mr. Apple himself, to enthrall the audience of those present and those of all the curious who will surely follow the event online.

Back on stage after his last appearance on March 2 last year when it presented two dell'iPad and after temporarily autosospeso last Jan. 17 from his duties for health reasons. But first things first. The WWDC has for years been a rendezvous for lovers of the apple. At the annual conference of the beginning of June, for example, were presented products like the iPhone or MacBook Air, but also known to migrate from PowerPC processors to the more powerful Intel.

Also this year the board is prohibited. Highlight the new operating system, code-named Lion, which is the 10.7. As anticipated in late 2010 the new software for laptops and desktops will introduce many of the features of Apple iPhone and iPad well known: in addition to the presence of the Mac App Store (where you can buy and load all the applications for your computer), here is the " Launchpad, a new way to view all applications installed on your machine, which will scroll across the screen using hand gestures on the touchpad as you would on an iPhone or iPad.

To make his debut "Mission Control", a new feature that allows you to get an overview of everything that is happening on your Mac screen for single comprehensive overview of the various activities, including Dashboard applications in full screen. All thanks to the ability to leverage even more Multi-Touch, which you can tap, pinch, or scroll with their fingers on the touchpad to scroll, change, and select.

Coming Soon, moreover, even the updated version of the operating system for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: iOS 5. For now, it seems that the service "maps" remains the one offered in partnership with Google. It is rumored, in fact, for months that Apple is working on an ad hoc service for the products of Cupertino.

But in the latest novelty seems that the project is to procrastinate. Also new, and some will be a problem, it seems that the new firmware 5.0 iOS will not be compatible with the iPhone 3G, but only with his younger brother, the new iPhone 4. Another new feature, however, that the notification and management of the widget and the iPhone by iPad, which for now does not know much, except that Apple seems to be working there for months to improve utilization.

On the Web finally chase the rumors of a new voice recognition service for the improvement of the technology by Nuance Voice Control, but at the moment would not be active in iOS 5 (but could be for the official release) Voice Control could then be combined with new features. But here's another surprise.

Icloud is called, that is the answer to Steve Jobs & Co for those who want to manage all or part no longer storing their documents on your computer, but on a remote server. Currently little is known of the new service, except that Apple has recently acquired the domain icloud. com. These would, in other words, to offer music streaming, and perhaps the ability to manage files.

After Warner and EMI, the two major music companies have already signed an agreement with Apple to distribute music through iTunes, Universal and Sony are due to arrive. And again, Steve Jobs failed in what no one else had yet been able to do: agree to put the big sisters in the music world.

At this point you just have to wait. On June 6, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for those who can, to all other online.

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