Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Google opens a flight search

"The summer is approaching, you may be thinking of taking a vacation," so begins the blog of Google to announce a new service: the flight search. For now offer it in eleven languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan). This new offering is related to the purchase by Google of a company, ITA Software, dedicated to the acquisition comparative flight competition mobilized to try to stop it on the ground that represent a modification of the advantageous market for Google.

The consultation was carried out from the search. When you enter in the search window a question about the flights from one city to another is listed first on list provided by Google, with the departure and arrival time and the company that covers it. No price comparison. Following are links to other sites that offer similar information.

At the end of the list is given the opportunity to view all flights departing from one of the two cities chosen. Google shortly advert to introduce improvements in this service. In a test from Google. is, if you ask "flights Barcelona Madrid" appears after the aforementioned list of sponsored links.

The question in Catalan, so far, does not offer this response and forwards to other pages of information on air travel. The purchase of ITA Software was controversial. Announced in July last year, Google invested in the same $ 700 million. Company founded at MIT, did not work with the public, but is an intermediary between airlines and websites that provide this information.

In the world of aviation information is placed at the level ITA Amadeus, monster computer network that organizes schedules, destinations, airlines, prices ... then provides information to those sites that come in direct contact with the internet. With ITA in your hands, direct contact will be Google.

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