Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PlayStation Network: Sony about to restore services

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Tuesday, May 31, it would reactivate its online services in all regions by the end of the week, except in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, when the restart occurs gradually since Saturday. Sony had to stop mid-April its gaming platforms PlayStation Network (PSN) and music Qriocity after undergoing an illegal intrusion and theft of customer data.

The platform of online games, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), had also been affected. In total, the personal data of 100 million users have been exposed. PARTIAL RECOVERY MID-MAY Sony says the time of release to service by the measures adopted to better protect information and make it more secure payment systems involved.

The group has already partially reopened its services in Europe, the United States and in various other areas since May 15 and Japan and several Asian countries since the 28th. The group will now activate other functions of the PSN to make this new platform fully accessible from game consoles, and features Qriocity for some devices which this service is for music listening.

While investigations are underway to determine the origin of these hacks, several authorities in different countries, had requested an explanation from Sony. The collective'hacktivistes "Anonymous had denied being responsible for attacks against online platforms from Sony.

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