Friday, August 12, 2011

The social network LinkedIn criticized for its handling of private data

"LinkedIn has a Facebook", ironically the site specializes Naked Security, referring to the controversy over the management of the private life of the most famous social network. Users of the LinkedIn professional network, with over 115 million members, have in fact complained about the reuse of a photograph in profile in the service of "social advertising" site.

"When members of LinkedIn recommend people or services, the following companies or participate in network activity in any way, their name or picture may appear on the ads associated with that you can see," the description this service. Specifically, photographs and even the names of contacts on LinkedIn may appear below a message.

This parameter is checked by default in the user profile. "By providing a social context, we allow members to more easily discover the products and services which interacts with the LinkedIn network," claims the site. This device is being tested since the end of June, but only now that users have noted and expressed their dissatisfaction on the Web.

Several sites have also explained how to disable this feature. LINKEDIN ANNOUNCES CHANGES In a message posted on the official blog of the group, Ryan Roslansky, product manager for LinkedIn, said that he takes into account the remarks made by users. The shaping of the "social ads" will be revised.

The reference text generic "three contacts in your network" and will replace the photographs of contacts who "recommend" a particular brand. Mr. Roslansky also states that personal information collected by LinkedIn as part of social advertisements "are not passed on to third-party advertising companies." This is not the first time a social network is exposed to controversy over the management of private data.

The facial recognition system users of Facebook, which claims 750 million registered in Tech News Buzz, has recently been challenged.

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