Saturday, May 14, 2011

The energy comes from the voice speaking the phone will recharge

ROME - The human voice is energy. And recharge your mobile phone just by speaking it may be possible already in the near future, at least according to a team of engineers in South Korea Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. "We tried to transform sound into electricity," said the engineer, Sang-Woo Kim to the British newspaper Telegraph.

"The voice is a possible source of energy, which has never been given the attention it deserves." To make possible the thing is a new type of battery that can transform sound vibrations into electricity. Not only the voice, then: you could also charge the phone by leaving it in a noisy environment.

Maybe in your pocket when you travel on public transport. The more noise, the better, according to researchers. A solution that could be invited to scream in the phone to recharge it. How it works. All in all, an idea does not seem complicated. The battery is connected to a sound-absorbing material, which vibrates and transmits the vibration to filaments of zinc oxide.

They respond to vibration by contracting and expanding, producing electricity. At the moment there is only a prototype of the battery can power low-power devices. But commercial applications and on a larger scale may not be so distant. Not just words. But the intuition of Sang-Woo Kim is one of those destined to flourish.

Limited to recharge cell phones, when a similar technology could also be used for vehicles, computers, lighting, in fact any device powered by a battery? The engineer says: "If the highways were provided with hearing protection, could capture the sound of vehicles and allow charging on the march, while decreasing the noise in the environment."

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