Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazon CEO KindlePad we look forward to

As many of you know enough has been spoken in recent months about the possibility that Amazon launched its own tablet PC, but the company had not been expressed about it until now. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has made some statements that leave "chopping" the possibility that they will soon know the KindlePad.

Jeff Bezos invited us to "be alert to the arrival of a multipurpose pill that will compete with iPad", probably referring to KindlePad. The most curious of all is that only a few months ago the company claimed that tablet and other devices "are not reading," but now that Amazon itself is immersed in this market.

Considering that Amanzon launched its own application for sales through the Android Market is every indication that Android is the OS of the future KindlePad, at least it would make sense. The Amazon Kindle electronic reader had excellent results in sales that respect, it is possible that a tablet is an interesting gamble for the company and it appears that we shall know soon.

For my part I hope it is economic, as Kindle and for that side find their niche audience hardly the high-end search technology in such a young company in the world of gadgets.

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