Saturday, June 4, 2011

"I have no smartphone, I killed my Facebook account ... and I saw him!"

Have you been tempted a day off? To smother with a pillow or iPad smartphone to not check your mail or at bedtime or upon waking? If this touches you want, remember ... you're not alone. 53% of French people said yes to the question: "Did you not want to connect to the Internet for several days?" asked by Ifop end of 2010.

A shame when that smartphones, which allow to browse the Internet anywhere should equip one in two French by the end of the year according to research firm GFK. This paradox is not only French. While technological equipment continues to democratize in Tech Buzz News, Australian Susan Maushart just published a book on his testimony six months without technology with three teenagers ("The Winter of Our Disconnect").

In the same vein was organized in the United States, 4 and 5 March, the second "National Day of Unplugging" ("National Day where we will disconnect") devised by the association Sabbath manifesto. Tech News Buzz. fr launched a call for evidence in the form: "And you, what do you do to disconnect?".

We've selected some of the 166 responses we received within hours. My stress level has decreased rapidly, by Fernand As many of us, I am following with interest the news technology. Naturally, I ended up buy a smartphone: big screen, flash reactivity, applications and all incredible Internet in the palm of the hand.

Very quickly, I did let go. More books on the subway, more dreamy walks on the streets. Always looking at whether a new mail arrived, still trying to take a look at the map of the area, to check something. Even in conversation with others, it leaves no room for the unexpected, the uncertain memories.

The feeling that suddenly everything is easier, everything is at hand. I held a few weeks like that, then I cracked. I retrieved an old flip phone, no Internet, no applications. Basics: call and send messages. My stress level has decreased rapidly. I quickly learned to leave me anddiscover, to let me wear it, sometimes I lose.

In short, to live alone to cope with bumps of everyday life. Our perception of reality is already impacted by smartphones, introducing mediation in the simplest of our actions, the healthiest of our joys. Difficult to go back, but then what? Begin to realize that comes dangerously close, in practice, the voluntary servitude ...

Refocus on the basics, by Claudia Seven years ago I eradicated the TV, without qualms. Too difficult to manage this pervasive media and time. Loss of energy without insurance eventually to manage. With all that my home has won by losing on TV, I continued to apply this principle, leaving a slippery slope, it is eat your arm.

I need a cell phone, I'm not against comfort. By cons I did not need to be constantly invent new needs. So I demanded that my phone is a phone, nothing more. I decided that my daughter, age 11, was too young to Facebook rather than continuous monitoring. She finds out on my page, I select what I watch, I let her communicate with her sisters ...

She was hooked to the computer as many people, ban to touch during the week, I have to manage time and use it no longer tries to rush his homework. It does not take the computers on vacation, etc.. Result our house is quiet. Few disputes, it is refocusing on the basics, what we really belongs.

Do not connect instead of having to disconnect, I am by Philippe executive in a large company located in a small provincial town. As a professional, I have a simple mobile phone, not a smartphone, as I turn off when I return from work. I saw a couple with two children aged 9 and 13 years and we have no other mobile phone or iPhone or iPad.

Just a phone. We have a broadband Internet connection that we use little, averaging less than half an hour a day. We have other interests: sports, reading, crafts, gardening does not allow us to connect instead of having to disconnect. It's not for lack of funds but by lifestyle choices.

I consider this as prevention. I do not party, I read more, I am more interested in what I do .., by Azeleen I have no iPhone, I killed my Facebook account, I have no iPad. I have only one simple cell phone that only serves to call, with a rechargeable card. So I remain contactable, but as I never have credit, I can not make calls or send SMS ...

And consumption of more than 200 text messages a day I am a 2 or 3 per month ... Bottom line: I do not party, I read more, I am more interested in what I do ... For cons, I have a little trouble to win the PC (fixed) when I set ... I like video games. The hardest thing was to win World of Warcraft, but I'm also here ...

And I saw ... The exterior is ultimately much more pleasant than the interior of my apartment, and not spend her days glued to a screen, with runny eyes and headaches (migraine I am) is really nice ... More than the fag and I would be released! I do not wish to be delivered into slavery by Mary Living in Paris, I decided that my home would be an ideal place for peace and silence.

I do not have television and I'm going very well, looking on the Internet programs that interest me. My cell phone is often switched off, simply visit the site regularly to see if I have a message. I decided that all these communication tools are in my service and not the reverse. I do not wish to be returned to slavery.

Upon realizing the insidious addiction that I developed against Facebook that I decided to close my account. No longer do without it for me was of a dangerous character. I put a few days to get used to, but after several months, I think really have made a good decision. Life is precious, every moment.

Long live the same to me, however, important to me to live well! I give myself schedules, by Matilda I am 16 years old, and Facebook takes a lot of my free time. Home from school I log in on weekends I spend considerable time and holidays are a whole evening I spend on Facebook. To successfully disconnect me, I give myself schedules.

For example home from school I give myself a niche for my lessons, no computer, no phone and no TV, then a niche for Facebook. Even when there is nothing more to do on Facebook, we like to stay connected to be on the lookout for news, waiting for a conversation begins, and then in spite of ourselves we find something to do, photos look, walls etc.

to explore ... That's why we spend hours in front of a screen. STOP ONE OR TWO DAYS THE CONNECTION stress I can earn the week off on Sunday, I'm disconnected by Florence and absent for all (not mobile) I do not have television, cons, I choose the most Delayed time my programs over the Internet.

I buy newspapers but I do not rule imposed on me, they can be both national and local. I chose to live in the city center, close to my work do not borrow my car the week. Stress that I can earn the week off on Sunday and it allows me to leave on Monday morning, the batteries recharged. On weekends, the phone is at the bottom of the bag by Diane I'm still hanging on my phone, email, SMS, Facebook, various sites, in transport, on the way of my training center, in the car for m occupy when my friend led ...

Then the weekend, the phone is at the bottom of the bag, forgotten for two days in vibrate mode. TV? The news of the week are bludgeoned enough: the little TV I watch, colleagues, radio, RSS, social networks ... the 12 agents distributors of free newspapers that I meet in the morning and 5 in the evening.

She, too, remains off or on a DVD then lit at night, perhaps. Were rediscovered board games and cards a little alien with friends, we pass the time behind a good meal, a book. My parents have found even more radical spend their holiday in a sailboat, where the only link with the outside world is the radio that the weather Egraine "security, safety, security, storm warning ....

None!" My Facebook suicide was initially a handicap Before liberation, my suicide Facebook began as a disability. I was aware that much of the social Internet had already been absorbed, emails, photos, exchange of good sites, address book ... Staying on the sidelines meant to be outside the channels of information, those relatives.

And miss the weekend organized by one, news of another. Yet no social life in pixels, the force that pushes out to rub shoulders with real people is stronger on weekdays. Half an hour dithering between 3 profiles and 2 video links generally ends in a rooting fingers on the keyboard or on télécommande.19h45 ...

Misunderstood this loophole does not mean I allowed to live incognito. Even without being "tagged" my uncontrollable appearances on the picture of a family marked by such other betray my associates, my comings and goings. I only lost an eye on these truncated information about me. So they passed me over.

Or below .(...) Go, disconnect a bit and you will see how everything calms down! SPORT Running as if to flee, Gregor Running, running, jogging. As for escape. Get-together. Disconnected from the network, www, linen and power lines - but listen to my pulse, my breath. Disconnect - to recharge.

This dictatorship of the emergency, I saw every day, working in a start-up based on WebMarketing. It is important to advance the project to have no fixed hours, they can be available 24/24, 7 / 7. However, it is imperative to keep such a pace to take a few moments away from any means of communication.

ATV without any means of communication, Quentin Personally, I leave this "dictatorship of urgency", starting mountain biking without any means of communication. Exit the iPhone which sounds to an email or message, exit the publication on Twitter or Facebook, which respond to force, press Exit the message to a task in an emergency late Sunday afternoon.

Just nature, forest and sometimes a wild animal ... Enough to recharge for an hour or two and evacuate before returning to Tech News Buzz Communications. My second solution is to lie on my bed with music and headphones and enjoy a sound that carries the mind away from everyday worries. The instrumental music is perfect for this kind of exercise.

Some will quote you the paint, other video games, and some bowling with friends. The idea is to give body and soul in an activity that you are passionate about leaving the external disturbances pass over you ... This remains the hardest to win. Screen calls and not have a Facebook account, by Christine only in control of my TPE, disconnection is more difficult mentally than anything else ...

the rest is not very complicated, just a question of will. One mobile phone and personal pro mixed depending on which time of day I call the filter, not a Facebook account (my friends I talk to them verbally by phone or better around a table or on the occasion of a walk in the streets or roads trough).

And above all, two nights a week, two hours of choir practice, let alone the time for work, headphones on, and numerous concerts. Time and concerns fade from the first notes and the disconnection is complete. And on occasion, a long journey. I was in California recently. My day began when she finished in France.

Freedom to discover elsewhere. To distance, meditate, connect with oneself. Starting in places where there is no network, by JJ I answer emails professionals every day, almost every hour (it's always urgent :-) To answer, one solution: from in places where there is no network. For example Aussangate's turn, or around Anapurnas.

There, in the high mountains for 20 days I'm strictly unreachable. The earth continues to rotate and, in fact, all Tech News Buzz might have happened to me, phew. When I turned off the machines, I felt empty, by Matthew The barrage of new communication technologies I gradually lost. Yet I did my studies in this field.

More devices were diversifying (iPod, netbooks, smartphones, GPS, etc..), The more I felt squeezed between the desire to discover and then be completely attached - "dependent" some would say. This frantic pace of most incredible inventions from each other gradually got bored. In everyday life, I sometimes feel like spending more time on lifeless things.

When I turned off the machines, I felt a void that I wanted to directly address them on again, even if I did not. Today I saw everything else, my relationship with technology has gradually changed, because I have not done anything radical. I simply filled the space technology took to other things.

A book, a walk, conversation without "bipbips", sometimes nothing but silence. Sometimes I lose my phone, not answering emails too early, etc.. Nothing changed in my relationship, because the immediacy of the response before was transformed into sincerity, as time permits. When I see the train in the number of people living on their terminal, I hope they do not feel sad that this void I lived - if they can press the "sleep".

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